Coaching seminar in El Salvador a huge success






    Participants from nineteen countries in the American zone (pictured above) met for a coaching seminar sponsored by the Olympic Committee of El Salvador and Kegel October 26-30. The five-day event covered a broad range of topics designed to educate and aid coaches with the details of running their teams.

    TeamUSAHEadCoachJeriEdwards.jpgAmZPresidentJoseGuandique.jpgMike Purdy and Del Warren presented cutting-edge technology dealing with lanes, oil, oiling procedures, topography issues and bowling ball drillings. Jim Porter, Head Coach of Chile, discussed, explained and demonstrated the use of periodization in the sport of bowling. Jeri Edwards (pictured left), Head Coach of USA, shared techniques and tools to develop plans for short term and long term team success.

    Additional important topics of FIQ (Federation Internationale des Quilleurs) business, PABCON (Pan American Bowling Confederation) Olympic Committee update, mental game, and doping were covered by Enrique Ramon Nuila, Dr. Jorge A. Merion Martinez, Stuart Velasco and PABCON president, Jose Guandique (pictured right).

    "This type of seminar is very positive for our sport as it reaches many countries in our area. we continue to expand our knowledge and improve our teams," said Braulio Castillo, coach of the Puerto Rican Bowling Federation. "I want to thank the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, ODEPA, Kegel and all the organizers for letting us be part of this great event."

    This program is part of an ongoing mission to develop and support the coaches and teams of PABCON in the sport of bowling. Recent success on the world stage by PABCON players continues to inspire educational opportunities such as this one.