Guinness World Records confirms Inazawa Grand Bowl world's largest Bowling Center


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    Guinness World Records confirms that the largest bowling center in the world is InazawaGrandBowl1.jpgInazawa Grand Bowl in Japan, featuring 116 consecutive Brunswick Bowling wooden lanes on a single floor, which are being replaced and upgraded with Brunswick Pro Lane™ synthetic lanes in early 2010.

    The claim to establish the largest bowling center as a Guinness World Record category was submitted by Vice President Capital Equipment for Brunswick Bowling Products, Jim Fox, who saw this acknowledgement as an opportunity to earn recognition for a long-time Brunswick customer and promote bowling worldwide.

    "We were thrilled that Guinness has added this category to its prestigious record book. It's an honor to have Inazawa Grand Bowl represented as well as the sport of bowling."

    InazawaGrandBowl2.jpgCompleted March 17, 1972, and opened March 24, 1972, in Inazawa City, Inazawa Grand Bowl spans 91,494 square feet across the lanes with no supporting pillars, for a total floor space over 182,000 square feet. The center accommodates 696 bowlers. Visitors to the building are greeted with a grand view of all 116 lanes from the entry escalator.

    2008JBCInazawaGrandBowl.jpgSite of the 2008 All Japan Bowling Championships, (pictured left) the largest amateur bowling tournament in Japan, Inazawa Grand Bowl is owned by Grand Bowl Co., Ltd., operator of 15 bowling centers in Japan.

    Inazawa Grand Bowl plans to host a special event in 2010, to mark the completion of the Brunswick lane renewal project. During construction, 58 lanes will remain open, while the other 58 are being replaced. A video showing the original Brunswick wooden lanes can be seen here.

    "People all over the world have traveled to take part in the unique bowling experience at Inazawa Grand Bowl. On behalf of our company and our employees, we are very proud to hold the official title as the world's largest bowling center," said Hiroaki Aoyama, owner of Grand Bowl Co., Ltd.


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