Kegel Training Center Europe NL opens doors in Dolfijn Bowling Tilburg


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    2010MWCKegelLogo.jpgThe Kegel Training Center and Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands, have announced the Grand Opening of Kegel Training Center Europe NL. This new facility is located inside Dolfijn Bowlingcentrum, in Tilburg, Netherlands.

    The new training center will feature the latest in bowling coaching tools such as Dartfish video software with HD cameras and 4 lanes of Computer Aided Tracking System or (C.A.T.S.).

    The players and coaches will be given unprecedented access to data including shot-by-shot information on each players' ball speed, launch angle, target accuracy at multiple points on the lane, entry angle and rev rate. These tools will accelerate a coaches understanding and student's improvement.

    2008KegelDelWarren.jpg"We are thrilled with this new partnership as a way to grow bowling by teaching the Kegel Training Center method of coaching to other parts of the world. The new coaching staff has been training extensively at The Kegel Training Center for approximately 4 months now and they are prepared to help athletes improve their games", said Del Warren (right), Vice President of The Kegel Training Center.

    JohnDavisCEOKegel_small.jpg"The Kegel Training Center has hosted bowlers and teams from all over Europe since 1997. Now they will have a world class teaching facility that they will have easier access to", said Kegel President John Davis (left). "If the sport is too survive, as an industry we must continue to invest in the education of coaches and bowling technology throughout the world."

    KTCERonaldDol_small.jpg"We are honored with the licensing agreement with Kegel Training Center. We are opening this facility with all bowlers in mind and are looking forward to being part of upgrading the bowling sport around Europe. With 20 years of coaching experience from our head coach and an assistant with 2 years daily practice at the Kegel Training Center, we are confident we have a good match up of knowledge to deliver the same high standard", said Ronald Dol (right), Proprietor of Kegel Training Center Europe NL.

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