Kegel Training Center continues to prepare bowlers for success on the international stage



    KTCLogo2.jpgKTCLanes.jpgSince 1997 more than 10,000 individuals, 500 professionals and 50 national teams have chosen the Kegel Training Center at the Kegel headquarters in Lake Wales, Florida to advance their game as well as to prepare for major events.

    Kegel Training Center coaches evaluate each individual bowler, prepare layouts and drill equipment to match the bowler to the event pattern and lane surfaces. In addition, the coaches are experts in team bowling, lane play and transition as well as applied mental game strategies for competition.

    USBCGoldCoachDelWarren.jpgUSBCGoldCoachRandyStoughton.jpgIn the past year, the Training Center coaching staff consisting of USBC gold level coaches Del Warren (left) and Randy Stoughton (right) and USBC silver level coaches Joe Slowinski and Brent Sims has helped bowlers in Asia, Europe and the Americas win medals and trophies in important competitions.

    "The Kegel Training Center has helped bowlers from around the world train and prepare for success in professional as well as international competition," said Slowinski, who joined the KTC staff in 2008.

    "As the world leader in bowling education, Kegel creates new knowledge for the bowling community through innovative research and best practice. Specifically on the international stage, bowlers have had success after training at the Kegel Training Center".

    2010WYCCraigHansonAndrewKoff.jpgTeam USA bowlers Craig Hanson and Andrew Koff (pictured left, l-r), winners of the Boys Doubles at the World Youth Championships this past summer in Helsinki, Finland have trained for years at the Kegel Training Center.

    "Through my many years training at and being around the Training Center, I have gained extensive knowledge from the coaching staff," stated Hanson, an adult and youth Team USA member. "They have helped me to get to the next level biomechanically, improving my physical game. And, through many discussions, they have helped me understand the many variables that effect ball motion."

    2010CACGAndraunickSimounet.jpgIn July 2010, after training at the Kegel Training Center, Team Bermuda's Damien Matthews won his country's second only medal in international competition, a bronze medal in Singles at the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games in Ponce, Puerto Rico. In the same tournament, Puerto Rico's Andraunick Simounet (pictured right) earned two gold medals in Masters and Trios and a bronze medal in the Team event.

    "The Kegel Training Center is hands down the best place for bowlers to learn and improve their skills in the world," said Simounet.

    "My most recent success in the Central American & Caribbean Games winning the gold medal in the Masters event is in big part thanks to the KTC and for all the knowledge and improvement I have had in the past three years working every single day at KTC with the Webber International University team.

    "The coaching staff will make you feel like home because here they really care about you and you getting better... If you want to become an elite player you have to be here."

    From the Americas to Asia, the KTC impact is felt. In July 2010, 17 years-old Kana Shimoide finished third at a Japan Professional Bowlers Association event in which Wendy Macpherson won. Shimoide has trained at the Kegel Training Center three times for a total of 15 days over the past three years.

    A few months earlier, in April 2010, the Kegel Training Center influence was felt with major medal wins in both the boys and girls division at the European Youth Championships in St. Maximin, France.

    2010EBT02MikStampe.jpg2009WWCLiatVizenfeld.jpgIn this important event, Israel's Shahaf Antin won the prestigious Masters event. In the same tournament, Carsten W. Hansen of Denmark was runner-up in the boys Masters event. Hansen partnered with Mik Stampe (pictured left) to win the gold medal in Doubles. "Each bowler has trained at the Kegel Training Center in our Advanced Summer Camp for multiple years," Slowinski said.

    The year before, at the 2009 European Youth Championships in Malmo, Sweden, Stampe and Liat Vizenfeld (right), Israel dominated the event with seven total medals. Liat won silver in All Events, Doubles and Team, while Stampe earned the gold medal in All Events, a silver in Single and bronze in Doubles and Team. Stampe attended the previous year's camp and Vizenfeld attended her third camp the previous summer. They attended the camp at the same time.

    "I've been training at KTC ever since I started to bowl," said Vizenfeld. "I've been [to the KTC] several times, and it was very helpful. Usually I go before major competitions and Kegel's trainers show me how to improve my game, teaching me important things that in the end help me to succeed and maintain first place in my country

    "With the help of Kegel, I achieved a lot! They improved my technique, my mental game , expanded my knowledge about everything - balls, drills, surfaces, all kind of systems and the newest things in bowling. There is no doubt that thanks to KTC I'm a much better bowler."

    In April 2008, Kazuhiro Nakano of Japan trained at the Kegel Training Center for seven days. Six months later, in true upset fashion, he won the 10th annual Samho Korea Cup in Seoul, Korea, in an event that featured PBA players Sean Rash, Wes Malott, Mike Fagan, Bill O'Neill, Rhino Page, Pete Weber along with international superstar Jason Belmonte.

    Nakano qualified fifth for the match play finals and won four consecutive matches including a final match victory over Pete Weber, 243-189.

    In addition to the professional level, a number of Team USA's finest have trained at the original training center.

    2008JuniorGoldLizSeibel.jpg2009TMDanielleMcEwan2.jpg"Training at the KTC made all the difference in the world," said Liz Seibel (pictured left), 2011 Junior Team USA member. "I wouldn't have made Junior Team USA had I not trained at Kegel.

    "The coaching is absolutely outstanding and the training facility is amazing. I was able to go into Junior Gold with the confidence that both my mental game and physical game were the best they could be, which gave me the freedom to go out and just bowl the way I knew I could. I have never felt as prepared going into a tournament as I did going into Junior Gold, and that was thanks to the coaches at Kegel."

    "Visiting the Kegel training center was an amazing experience. The facility has every piece of equipment and all the technology needed to improve anyone's game", added Danielle McEwan (right), who also made 2011 Junior Team USA.

    "The coaches were all extremely knowledgeable and have the ability to fix any problems you may have or improve your game. I would definitely recommend a trip to the training center to anyone regardless of their bowling ability."

    "I have been extremely fortunate to be able to train at the KTC", said 2010 Junior Team USA member TJ Baral. "Looking back from my first lesson to now, I can see a huge improvement. I have learned so much about the sport, from lane play to physical improvements.

    2008KegelJoeSlowinski.jpg"I see a big difference when I bowl major competitions around the country. The KTC has all the tools needed to help all types of bowler succeed. I look forward to continuing my training at the KTC for many years to come."

    "The original, the Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales Florida, remains the world leader in bowling education", summarized Joe Slowinski (pictured left). "With 12 lanes of Computer Aided Tracking System, the latest addition of BowlersMap and more than 100 years of coaching expertise, they can help you take your game to the next level. The coaches are available for team, group or individual lessons at the Training Center or to visit you anywhere in the world."

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