In honor of Koivuniemi's victory in TOC, Ebonite renames bowling ball


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    Mission Domination will now be called Mission $250k

    EboniteMission250k.jpg201011PBA07MikaKoivuniemiTrophy.jpgAfter winning the record $250,000 PBA Tournament of Champions purse, all eyes were on "Major Mika" Koivuniemi (pictured right with the trophy) and accolades of Ebonite's Mission Domination ball spread like wildfire.

    "We had no doubt this ball would prove itself in a big way this season," said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite brand manager. "In honor of Mika's historic prize, the Mission Domination will now be called Mission $250k."

    Mission $250k is not a new ball design – it's the same hard-hitting ball Koivuniemi used to defeat Tom Smallwood, 269-207 – just a new name. Mission $250k combines the XL 1300 Reactive™ Resin veneer and the Mission 1.0 core to provide the most backend continuation of the ball series to date. In Black Pearl, this ball looks as hot as it handles.

    Mission $250k will be available in pro shops and online February 3, 2011.