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2005 Teen Masters underway across the USA

$60,000 in scholarships for High School Bowlers

The 8th Annual Teen Masters Tournament is underway in more than 100 bowling centers across the United States. The first qualifying event starts on April 16 in Annapolis, Maryland. In addition to competing for the title of 'Best High School Bowler in the USA', teens of high school age (grades 9-12) will be rolling for $60,000 in scholarship awards, and the boy and girl champions will earn $6000 each in SMART Scholarship money.



Wichita State and Lindenwood win 2005 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships

The Cherry Bowl in Rockford, IL USA

Canadian national amateur champion Caroline Lagrange struck on all four of her attempts Saturday as the "Shockers" from Wichita State turned back West Texas A&M, 2-0, in the in the best-of-three Baker-games women's final at the 2005 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships. In the men's finals, the "Lions" from Lindenwood defeated Fresno State, 2-0. It is the first national championship for the players from the University located in St. Charles, Mo., who were participating in the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships for only the second time.



USBC Equipment Specification and Certification Committee changes cor specification

Proactive response meant to make sport more consistent

On Feb. 9, the United States Bowling Congress Equipment Specification and Certification Committee agreed to implement a change regarding the Coefficient of Restitution of bowling balls. COR is the transfer of energy from one object to another; in this case, from the bowling ball to the pin. This new bowling ball specification changes the upper limit from 0.78 to 0.75 and will take effect March 15.

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Pluhowsky, Fairley named Bowling's Top 2004 Athletes

Team USA men selected as bowling's Team of the Year by USOC

Shannon_Pluhowsky_4981.jpg Richard_Fairley_4867.jpg Shannon Pluhowsky and Richard Fairley Jr. were selected as bowling's 2004 United States Olympic Committee SportsMan and SportsWoman of the Year while the Team USA 2004 men were chosen for Team of the Year honors.

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2005 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships moved to The Cherry Bowl in Rockford, IL

USBCcollegiateLogo_small.jpg United States Bowling Congress Collegiate has announced the 2005 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships, scheduled for April 20-23, will be held at The Cherry Bowl in Rockford, Ill. The Intercollegiate Bowling Championships is the pinnacle event of the college bowling season. The IBC brings together the top 16 men's and top 16 women's teams in the country to compete for national titles on national television (CSTV).



Lynda Barnes returns to the top, Rhino Page wins first title at 2005 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships

Don Carter's All-Star Lanes West in Dallas, TX

Team USA veteran and 1995 U.S. Amateur champion Lynda Barnes captured her second career U.S. Amateur champion title while Team USA 2004 member Rhino Page earned his first at the 2005 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships at Don Carter All-Star Lanes West. The top five men and women earned automatic spots on Team USA 2005.

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USBC Equipment Specification and Certification Committee sets new Bowling Ball Specification

 The United States Bowling Congress informs that a new bowling ball specification changes the maximum Radius of Gyration (RG) Differential from 0.080 inches to 0.060 inches by Feb. 1, 2005. "In more bowling-friendly terms, bowling ball flare and entry angle will be controlled," said USBC Senior Technician Jim Jaryszak. Since the mid-1980s, Specifications and Certification has also been approving products for international competition (FIQ/WTBA).

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Minnesota's Darin Pomije fires seventh ABC-approved 900 series

ABCLogo.jpgDarin Pomije, a 30-year-old from New Prague, Minn., became the seventh person to roll an American Bowling Congress-approved 900 series Dec. 9. Pomije had three consecutive 300 games in the Fabulous Foursome league at Strike Force Bowl. Pomije's previous high ABC sanctioned series was an 822. He has rolled four 800 series as well as 11 previous 300 games. Jeremy Sonnenfeld rolled the first approved 900 series on Feb. 2, 1997 in Lincoln, Neb.

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Jeff Campbell II rolls sixth ABC approved 900 series

2004JeffCampbell6th900series_small.jpgThe American Bowling Congress has approved the three-game 900 series rolled June 12 by Jeff Campbell II in New Castle, Pa. It is the sixth approved 900 in ABC history. Campbell, a 22-year-old student at West Texas A&M University, rolled three consecutive perfect games in the first three games of a pre-bowled four-game block in the Shenango Doubles Mixed League at Colonial Lanes. His fourth game was 216. Campbell's series was the first 900 in more than three years.

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Oregon bowler James Hylton rolls 900 series

ABCLogo.jpgJames Hylton, a 28-year-old right-hander from Salem, Ore., became the fifth person to roll an American Bowling Congress-approved 900 series May 2, 2001. Hylton rolled three consecutive 300 games on the opening night of the summer Wednesday Super Bowl League at AMF Firebird Lanes. Hylton's previous high ABC approved series was 823. He has seven ABC approved 800s and 10 previous 300s. Hylton joins Jeremy Sonnenfeld, Tony Roventini, Vince Wood and Robby Portalatin with 900 series.

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900 series rolled for only fourth time By Matt Fiorito

Robby Portalatin becomes second lefty to accomplish the feat

ABCLogo.jpgBy the last frame, everyone at Airport Lanes in Jackson, Mich., was watching Robby Portalatin. It is not often something like this comes along: the chance at a 900 series. Portalatin had rolled two straight perfect games and was now on the verge of a third. Portalatin, 28, a worker for an auto parts company, delivered his 36th strike in a row Thursday night. He is only the fourth bowler and the second lefty to accomplish the feat, according to the American Bowling Congress.

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Vince Wood rolls three perfect games for the third ever 900 series

ABCLogo.jpgThe American Bowling Congress has approved the third ever 900 series. This time the scene was in Moreno, Calif., about 20 miles east of Riverside. Vince Wood, 20, rolled the three perfect games and the 900 series Sept, 29, 1999 in the Vegas Mixed League at Cadillac Bowl. Wood joins Jeremy Sonnenfeld and Tony Roventini as the only other bowlers to roll an approved 900 series.

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Tony Roventini becomes the first left-handed bowler with a 900 series

ABCLogo.jpgTony Roventini struck a blow for left-handed bowlers recently when he became the first left-handed player, and only the second player ever, to throw an ABC sanctioned 900 series. Roventini, 28, of Greenfield, Wis., rolled three successive 300 games Nov. 9, 1998 while bowling leadoff with his Pro World team in the Variety Club Midwest Challenge League at Classic Lanes in his hometown. He has thrown eighteen 300 games and has six career 800 series. His previous high was 857.

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900 reasons for making the bowlers' record book by By James Brooke

Jeremy Sonnenfeld makes history; rolls first-ever sanctioned 900 series

Jeremy_Sonnenfeld_1544.jpgOne week ago, Jeremy Sonnenfeld was just another skinny sophomore lost in a sea of 25,000 students. Today, his college coach is fielding calls from the likes of David Letterman and Planet Hollywood. The nightclub chain is sending a contract to lease the bowling shoes, shirt and pants that Mr. Sonnenfeld wore here last Sunday. On that afternoon, he did what no other bowler had done in the 101 years that the American Bowling Congress has been keeping track of bowling achievements: he rolled three perfect games in a row, 36 consecutive strikes.

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