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Class Act By Frenchy Letourneau

2009WUSATishJohnson_small.jpg The 23rd National Golden Ladies Classic concluded March 21, 2013 at The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, with Tish Johnson (pictured) taking down the $2,000 top prize. Perennial favorite and former champion Robin Romeo finished second. News of this sort typically sends a resounding yawn throughout the 21st Century bowling community. In an era of inflated egos and technology-enhanced bowling whiz-kids, an event featuring senior ladies hardly produces a ripple. Too bad.



Worth The Price By Frenchy Letourneau

Republished courtesy of TenPin Alley Bowling Newspaper, Las Vegas, Nevada

ColumnistFrenchyLetourneau_small.jpg The PBA was an annual event for 40 consecutive years in Las Vegas, all at the dearly departed Showboat. After a brief stint at The Orleans (both events won by Ryan Shafer), we locals gasped at the thought of the PBA not coming back. Thanks to former Fountain Bowl manager Dennis Matthews, who was hired by Station Casinos to run the Strike Zone in Henderson, we were once again treated to a week of professional bowling and a national telecast.



One step forward, two steps back By Frenchy Letourneau

ColumnistFrenchyLetourneau_small.jpg On occasion, amateurs take half-court basketball shots for prizes, or get to run the bases before a big game, but never will you see amateurs running up against pros in these sports.
Unfortunately, the way bowling competition is structured and the ease at which amateurs can topple pins with little or no expertise, the opportunity for persons of limited talent to win against professionals is brushed off by the USBC as " big deal."



Olympics? Why? By Frenchy Letourneau

Republished courtesy of TenPin Alley

ColumnistFrenchyLetourneau_small.jpgThis discussion has gone on for decades.
"Shouldn't bowling be an Olympic sport?"
"What do we have to do to get into the Olympics?"
"Badminton and ballroom dancing made it. Why not bowling?"
Until recent years, I envisioned the Olympics as the ultimate test of gifted athletes who have trained hard and possess the heart and desire to win gold for their country.

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