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2007 USBC Queens television show: One of the best bowling shows ever By John Jowdy

John Jowdy.jpg In my opinion, the recent ESPN presentation of the 2007 USBC Queens television show was one of the best bowling shows ever. The production crew is deserving of an ESPY award. They more than made up for the so-so production of the Ladies Challenge in Las Vegas. From a personal standpoint, it wasn't the most exciting or breathtaking bowling event I've ever witnessed. However, the timing and format were innovative and stimulating.



You Never Know What You Don't Know By Dick Evans

Dick_Evans_5152.jpg Sometimes I am surprised about what I do not know about bowling friends who I thought I knew. Take for example Reg Pearson and Peggy Elias. Reg is a gregarious man who was a big winner in Reno without walking into a casino.
Peggy was the statuesque wife of the late Eddie Elias, founder of the Professional Bowlers Association. I thought I knew them, but not really.



The signs are everywhere By Joe Lyou (Tenpin Slants)

2007BowlExpoJoeLyou_small.jpgThe signs are everywhere.

The sport of bowling, after experience a steady decline for more than two decades, is on the rebound. There is now a feeling of optimism where there was once doom and gloom. And cooperation among the integers of bowling abounds. As an example, Jeff Boje, a proprietor, has been elected president of the United States Bowling Congress. Cross my heart and hope to die!



Will Will's Ferrell's new bowling movie become the 'Perfect Game' for the Sport and result in more bowlers? By Dick Evans

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg Can Will Ferrell's upcoming movie do for bowling what 'Rocky' did for boxing, 'Hoosiers' for basketball, 'Bull Durham' for baseball and 'Seabiscuit' for horse racing. Bowling certainly could use a good movie about the tenpin sport because history proves that interest goes way up in a sport when a sports movie goes way up at the box office.



BPAA's Berglund well on his way to establishing his own reputation

By John Jowdy

2006BPAAJohnBerglund_small.jpg In a poll conducted by International Bowlers Journal, John Berglund (pictured), Executive Director of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, was chosen as the most influential individual in bowling. Berglund's choice was not surprising to me. I was among the select group to cast a vote. In my judgment, the choice of the personable BPAA honcho was a no-brainer. Who is John Berglund? How did they find him? And what has he brought to the BPAA? John Jowdy gives the answers.



International Coach Jim Porter talks about coaching challenges in foreign countries By Dick Evans

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg Bowling certainly is doing its part in helping reduce the United States' whopping world trade deficit every year. The United States has a monopoly when it comes to shipping and installing bowling equipment, lane machines – balls, lanes, automatic pinsetters, computer scorers -- used by 100-plus nations that field national teams.

Preparing for WTBA Championship Events


The Short By Ted Thompson

Without this ball motion knowledge and awareness in today’s bowling environment, a technical bowling coach is only half a coach.

ColumnistTedThompson_small.jpg Federations, coaches and players throughout the world continually practice for WTBA championship events but are they preparing correctly?
In August of 2007, the WTBA Women’s World Championship will be held in Mexico and in this article we will try to shed some light on some of the challenges slower ball speed players face and suggest an “outside of the box” approach to prepare for the short oil conditions.



Joe Gennaro makes news instead of printing news By Dick Evans

The Bowling News, one of the country's elite weekly publications, has survived 50 years behind the leadership of Joe Gennaro

Dick_Evans_5152.jpg There he was standing on the concourse at the Sam's Town Bowling Center during a women's pro tournament. He looked bigger than life...his laugh loud, his cowboy hat big and his boots freshly polished. He looked like a natural at Sam's Town, which caters to cowboys and cowgirls and where square dancing is almost as popular as gambling. Little did I realize that I was admiring a man who gambled on his future when he left Brooklyn ...




Bowling Needs to Learn from Other Sports and Dare to be Different By Dick Evans

Health conscious parents want their children to be active, maybe it's time for bowling to consider nonstop junior bowling action

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg I asked my son why he was taking his three young children to an "All About Kids Sports Center" instead of entering them in a bowling league.
His explanation caught me off guard: "Because Dad, they always are in motion instead of bowling for one or two minutes and then sitting for 10 minutes."



Bowling….Life after death By John Jowdy

John Jowdy.jpg Up until two years ago, the only news regarding the bowling industry had been of the "Gloom and Doom" variety. Bowling ball sales began to dwindle; the Ladies Pro Tour collapsed; the PBA was struggling to keep afloat; bowling centers were closing at an alarming rate, etc.. BUT, for the past two years, the bowling industry has taken a miraculous turn for the better and the future looks much brighter. What happened to reverse this trend?



A Natural in Nashville -- New Lyrics for an Old Sport Bowling Song By Dick Evans

Dick_Evans_5152.jpg Brandi Chastain of soccer fame delivered a winning keynote speech to kick off a United States Bowling Congress national convention that was big on harmony and rejuvenating interest in bowling as a sport...especially among elite women bowlers. The two biggest announcements made during the news heavy convention illustrated how the entire bowling industry is pulling together to pull bowling back to its old lofty perch and to elevate professional women's bowling as a major sport.



"He's a Little Bit Country" By Joe Lyou (Tenpin Slants)

2007TimMyers_small.jpg At one time, Tim and Vickie Myers were avid—and excellent—bowlers. But that was more than 30 years ago. Tim was good enough to have rolled five 300 games and an 838 series, which was pretty hard to do in those days. Tim and Vickie became close friends with Joan Romeo and her late husband, Raymond. Joan has her own successful business, The Marketing Team, in Van Nuys. Joan tells a very interesting story about Tim.



David Howard waits 26 years to meet boyhood idol Roth by Jim Goodwin

1981 fan letter answered in personal way

2006GBT01MarkRoth.jpg The first week of April, bowling legend Mark Roth and his wife Denise (pictured) traveled to Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas. Roth is seeking his 38th career pro title in the 2007 KR Strikeforce Wichita Open, but the week will be memorable for another reason. A special fan was in the audience cheering for one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.



Could a proprietor make a good President of USBC Board of Directors? By Dick Evans

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg Over the years, there have been some great bowling proprietors who either owned or managed bowling centers across South Florida. Still, I never envisioned any of them being elected president of the membership organizations -- the old American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress.



Seniors still bowl like youngsters despite aches and pains By Dick Evans

Reilly and Pullman pull down top prizes in 17th National Golden Ladies Classic

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg There were a lot of high fives, an abundance of laughing and an assortment of braces on display at the 17th annual National Golden Ladies Classic bowling tournament at The Orleans Hotel/Casino March 4-8.  And sitting on their thrones after four days of competition were Joan Reilly of Wilmington, Del., in the Open Division and Karen Pullman from Salt Lake City in the Super Senior Division.



Maybe it's time for a 'Bill of Rights' in the Bowling Industry By Dick Evans

From bowlers to USBC to BPAA to PBA to Pro Shops to Spectators and even Writers

Dick_Evans_5152.jpg Recently the nation's flying public was stunned to learn that passengers were stranded on an airplane for more than seven hours during a winter snowstorm. After the ordeal was covered by the media, the president of the airline that was the culprit decided to come up with a 'bill of rights' for passengers. I thought that was a superb concept and think it should be applied to the bowling industry.



The "Long and the Short of It" is now reality - is it also the future? By Ted Thompson

Edited and updated with two video clips from Tilburg

ColumnistTedThompson_small.jpg An ultramodern proprietor, Ronald Dol of Bowling Dolfijn, along with avant-garde event organizer Luc Jensen of The Netherlands, and the forward thinking European Bowling Tour (EBT) have just completed a major bowling tour event which employed lane conditions like never before, at least on purpose.



Some Bowling History ... and an Opinion By Len Nicholson

Republished courtesy of the Cornerstone, The Foundation newsletter (Volume 87 March 2007)

ColumnistLenNicholson_small.jpg There is a lot of speculation as to when the game of bowling actually began. Some say that the game has been around for over 10,000 years. A few years ago there were some artifacts that were found that support those theories. There is also some ample proof (in bowling's archives), that the game was seriously played in 5200 B.C.



I wish I was around when the playing rules were established for more than 150 sports By Dick Evans

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg It would have been interesting to be around when the founding fathers decided on some of the basic rules for different sports. Everyone knows that some rules have been changed in many sports to fit the changing times and demands of spectators and television. And sometimes some obscure so-called rules are really just part of tradition.



Bowling hooks its wagon to NFL Express. Was the ticket too costly? By Dick Evans

ColumnistDickEvans_small.jpg The most recent Gallup Poll of American sports fans reveals that 43 percent of those surveyed picked football as their favorite sport to watch. So I have to wonder how much is it worth to bowling and bowling's image nationwide to be associated with the National Football League (NFL) during three events prior to the Super Bowl game Feb. 4 in Miami.

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