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    WTBA President Kevin Dornberger elected as FIQ president; WNBA president Ludwig Kocsis becomes the new FIQ Vice president

    2011WTBAFIQPresidentKevinDornberger.jpgThe Federation Internationale des Quilleurs Congress approved a major reorganization Tuesday, paving the way for the World Tenpin Bowling Association and World Ninepin Bowling Association to have complete control over every aspect of their respective sports.

    The reorganization streamlines the governance of international bowling by FIQ, which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the sport's world governing body.

    Under the reorganization, the FIQ Executive Board shrinks from 11 members to seven, five of whom will be elected by the WTBA and two by the WNBA. The president of FIQ must also now be either the president of WTBA or WNBA, and as a result, WTBA President Kevin Dornberger (pictured) was elected Tuesday as the new president of FIQ for a four-year term.

    "Today is a remarkable and almost unprecedented day for the sport of bowling," said Dornberger, who was re-elected to a second four-year term as president of WTBA on Monday. "This reorganization allows tenpin bowling to decide its matters, while ninepin bowling can make its own decisions instead of outsiders having influence."

    The reorganization proposal, which passed nearly unanimously, was a joint effort by the WTBA and WNBA. The president of WNBA, Ludwig Kocsis of Austria, said the decision will help both organizations.

    "I am pleased by the decision today because it allows our organizations to be more integrated, which will help us get more international recognition," said Kocsis, who also is now vice president of FIQ. "There are advantages for both parties by working together to make things better."

    The World Tenpin Bowling Association is made up of more than 100 federations, while the World Ninepin Bowling Association is made up of nearly 30 federations. Both organizations govern their respective sports throughout the world.


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