World Tenpin Bowling Association Executive Board meeting and decisions


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    2011WTBALogo.jpgThe Executive Board of the World Tenpin Bowling Association, Tenpin Bowling's governing body, met during the World Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 21-22. The Executive Board made decisions on Betting, Tie Rules in World Championships, Entry Fee in World Championships, Athlete Vote, Lane Mapping and World Senior Championships (WSrC) - some of them By-Laws with specific dates to be effective.

    The following By-Law was approved with immediate effect.
    A bowler or member of the team, such as coach or team manager, must not himself/herself nor through a representative, bet on a World Championships and/or WTBA approved tournaments where he/she participates. The sanction for violence against this rule may be up to two years suspension.

    Tie Rules in World Championships
    New By-Law effective 1 January 2013 in case of tie for medals or seeding for semifinals and finals was approved.
    In case of tie to qualify for Masters, semifinals and/or seeding for semifinals and finals a one game roll off will be played. In Doubles, Trios and Team events the roll off will be played as one game Baker format. The lane pattern and who will start playing will be decided by draw.

    Entry Fee in World Championships
    As a By-Law effective 1 January 2013 it was decided to have two Entry fees for World Championships where participants not using the official hotels offered by the host pay "double Entry fee".
    Participants not using the official hotel cannot expect any transportation except transport of bowling balls from airport to the bowling centre and vice versa.
    The hosts have the obligation to offer hotels with enough space for all participants and this will be part of the written agreement between the host and WTBA.

    Athlete vote
    It was decided as a By-Law that the representative from the Athlete's Committee from next Executive Board meeting will have the right to vote. This has been a recommendation by IOC to include the athletes in the decision process.
    Mika Koivuniemi is now the chairman of the Athletes' Committee and also the representative in WTBA Executive Board. The Committee shall propose a procedure for future election of the athletes' representative.

    Lane mapping
    With immediate effect it was decided that if Lane mapping is performed for World Championships the result shall, in agreement with the proprietor, be presented on the championship's website.

    World Senior Championships (WSrC)
    The 2011 WTBA Congress approved a new World Senior Championship with intention to occur no later than 2013.
    The WTBA Executive Board now decided about World Senior Championship Rules and is planning for the first WSrC during 2013. Dates and site will be decided soonest. The rules are available on WTBA website.