Sofia Granda, Armando Batres win first gold medal for Guatemala at Central American Games


    Costa Rica

    Guatemala's Luis A. Herrera, Pamela Monzon lead in All Events after 18 of 30 games

    2013CAGMixedDoublesTop3.jpgSofia Granda and Armando Batres teamed to win the first gold medal for Guatemala on the third day of competition at the X Central American Games 2013 Thursday at Bol Cariari in San José, Costa Rica.

    The duo, which led the event from the beginning, put together games of 453, 403, 501, 458, 446 and 392 on the WTBA Stockholm pattern for 2653 total and an average of 221.08 to cruise to the title in the Mixed Doubles event.

    Former World Games champion Granda led the team with 1344 (224 average), the highest individual score of both men and women, and Batres added 1309, the highest men's series of the day.

    Granda/Batres outaveraged their team mates Pamela Monzon and Andres Herrera by almost 14 pins. Monzon and Herrera finished second with 2487 (207.25) and maintained their lead in the men's and women's All Events.

    Viviana Delgado and Alejandro Reyna of Costa Rica beat out their team mates Marie Ramirez and Mario Valverde for the bronze medal by eleven pins, 2460 to 2449. El Salvador's Lys Harrison and Giancarlo Mateucci were mere two pins behind to finish in fifth place with 2447.

    Singles champion Herrera leads the 27 men after 16 games, six games each in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles, with 3893 and an average of 216.28. Reyna remained in second place with 3866. Valverde, who also had a 1309 series Thursday, and Batres maintained third and fourth place with 3829 and 3827 but narrowed the gap to second place to 37 and 39 pins, respectively.

    Thanks to her 1344 series, Granda jumped from ninth to fourth place in women's All Events with 3610 total (200.56) and is only 45 pins off the pace for the medals. The top three remained unchanged. Monzon leads the 24-player field with 2697 (205.39) and is followed by Singles champion Edith Quintanilla of El Salvador (3688) and Delgado (3655).

    With three events in the books, Costa Rica (3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze) and Guatemala (1-4-2) each have won seven medals out 15 so far. El Salvador has one gold medal, while Honduras and Panamá are still waiting for their first medal.

    Competition resumes with the Trios event on the Montreal pattern on Friday, March 15.

    2013CAGLogo.jpg 2013CAGMascotNamu.jpg The X Central American Games 2013 will be held from March 3-17, 2013 in San José, Costa Rica. After two consecutive editions without being invited, Tenpin Bowling celebrates its return at the quadrennial Games. The bowling competition takes place at Bol Cariari from March 12-17.

    51 bowlers - 27 men and 24 women - from five countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and the host country, Costa Rica) will compete for the medals in Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Trios, Teams, individual All Events, Country All Events, and Masters on the 34-feet Stockholm and the 41-feet Montreal lane conditioning pattern.


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