Dennis Eklund regains lead to earn the No. 1 seed for men's ECC finals


    2013 ECC

    Swede averages over 245 in the third qualifying block on dual lane condition to lead the field of 36 players with 5500 (229.17 avg.)

    2013ECCLogo.jpg The European Champions Cup 2013 takes place from October 21-27 at 16-lane BNC bowling center in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    36 men and 35 women including defending champions James Gruffman of Sweden and Daria Kovalova of Ukraine roll three eight-game blocks of qualifying over four days, the first block on short oil (35 ft.), the second block on long oil (43ft.) and the third block on combined oil (one lane dressed with short oil, the other lane dressed with long oil).

    The top eight men and the top eight women after 24 games advance to the single-elimination finals in best-of-three games format. The player, who wins all three matches, will be declared the champion.


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    2013 European Champions Cup - Men's Final Qualifying Standings

    First block on short oil (35 ft.), second block on long oil (43 ft.) and third block on combined oil. The top 8 after 24 games advance to the single-elimination finals.


    Men's Qualifying - Block 3 Results (dual oil)