13th World Youth Championships Organizing Committee releases Bulletin No. 2 and Forms B-F


    2014 WYC

    South China Athletic Association Bowling Centre, Hong Kong, China (August 6-15, 2014)


    The Organizing Committee of the 13th World Youth Championships presented by the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society has released Bulletin No. 2 and Forms B-F for the championship, which will be held from August 6-15, 2014 at 40-lane South China Athletic Association Bowling Center in Hong Kong, China.

    As of today, 40 countries are intending to participate in the 2014 WYC:
    Asian Bowling Federation (16): Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippine, Qatar, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand.
    European Tenpin Bowling Federation (18): Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Ukraine.
    Pan American Bowling Confederation (6): Aruba, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and United States.

    In cooperation with the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) and the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress, Bowlingdigital.com will cover Championships live from Hong Kong.

    All WTBA Member Federations who are currently paid up members of FIQ, WTBA and their respective zone (PABCON, ETBF, and ABF) are allowed to participate in the championships. Only players born on January 1st, 1993 to on December 31st, 2000 are eligible to participate in the 13th edition of this biennial championships for national junior team members.

    Maximum four girls and four boys per country will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, four-player Teams, All Events and Masters in the 8-day competition (August 8-15).

    The World Youth Championships are contested every other year, with the first event held in Manila, Philippines in 1990. Other host cities were 1992 Caracas, Venezuela; 1994 Monterrey, Mexico; 1996 Hong Kong; 1998 Inchon, South Korea; 2000 Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic; 2002 Pattaya, Thailand; 2004 Tamuning, Guam; 2006 Berlin, Germany; 2008 Orlando, Fla., United States; 2010 Helsinki, Finland, and 2012 Bangkok, Thailand.



    Bulletin No. 2 contains the following information:
    • Introduction of Hong Kong, China
    • Federation Information
    • Official Invitation
    • Website and Email
    • Preliminary Schedule of Events
    • Official Hotels
    • Bowling Center
    • Transportation
    • Hospital Facility
    • Visa Information
    • National Anthem and Flags
    • Fees
    • Pre-payment of Fees


    Note: All entry forms are available for download on the official website wyc2014.com.



    2014 World Youth Championships - Preliminary Schedule at a glance

    Singles on shorter oil; Doubles on longer oil; Team: first block on longer, second block on shorter oil

    • Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014 - Last day of arrival, ball registration, team managers meeting, opening ceremony
    • Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014 - Ball registration, official practice (three squads)
    • Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 - Girls Singles Squad A and B; Boys Singles Squad A
    • Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014 - Boys Singles Squad B and C; Boys & Girls Semifinals and Finals, Medal Presentation
    • Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014 - Girls Doubles Squad A and B; Boys Doubles Squad A
    • Monday, Aug. 11, 2014 - Boys Doubles Squad B and C; Boys & Girls Semifinals and Finals, Medal Presentation
    • Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014 - Girls Teams (first block); Boys Teams Squad A & B (first block)
    • Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014 - Girls Teams (second block); Boys Teams Squad 2 & 1 (second block)
    • Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014 - Boys & Girls Team Semifinals and Finals; Medal Presentation for Team & All Events; Boys & Girls Masters Round of 24
    • Friday, Aug. 15, 2014 - Boys & Girls Masters Round Robin, Semifinals and Finals; Medal Presentation; Victory Banquet
    • Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014 - Departure of Delegations



    12th World Youth Championships 2012 - Boys and Girls Medalists

    Blu-O Paragon Bowling Center in Bangkok, Thailand (June 22 - July 3, 2012)

    2012WYCLogo.jpg Boys Singles
    1. Marshall Kent, United States
    2. Shusaku Asato, Japan
    3. Basil Low, Singapore, and Ryu Ji-Hoon, South Korea

    Boys Doubles
    1. Korea (Kim Yeon-Sang & Hwang Dong-Jun)
    2. United States (Andrew Koff & Marshall Kent)
    3. England (Christopher Lam &Elliot Crosby) and Sweden (Kim Bolleby & Magnus Johnson Jr.)

    Boys Four-player Team event
    1. United States (Andrew Koff, Zack Hattori, Chris Via and Marshall Kent)
    2. Singapore (Basil Low, Keith Saw, Ng Chiew Pang and Mark Wong)
    3. Sweden (Johan Helldén, Magnus Johnson Jr., Kim Bolleby and Daniel Fransson) and Germany (Andre Schröder, Dominic Buchmann, Christian Birlinger and Tobias Börding)

    Boys All Events
    1. Sam Cooley, Australia
    2. Marshall Kent, United States
    3. Daniel Fransson, Sweden

    Boys Masters
    1. Daniel Fransson, Sweden
    2. Chris Via, United States
    3. Sam Cooley, Australia, and Marshall Kent, United States


    Girls Singles
    1. Kim Seon-Jeong, Korea
    2. Hee Kar Yen, Malaysia
    3. Juliana Franco, Colombia, and Cristina Rodriguez, Puerto Rico

    Girls Doubles
    1. Korea (Kim Seon-Jeong & Hwang Yeon-Ju)
    2. Japan (Misaki Mukotani & Hiraku Takekawa)
    3. Malaysia (Dayang Khairuniza & Jacqueline Sijore) and Singapore (New Hui Fen & Bernice Lim)

    Girls Four-player Team event
    1. United States (Jessica Earnest, Kelsey Muther, Amanda Greene and Danielle McEwan)
    2. Singapore (New Hui Fen, Ilma Nur Jannah, Krishna Darshini and Bernice Lim)
    3. Korea (Kim Ga-Ram, Kim Seon-Jeong, Hwang Yeon-Ju and Oh Nuri) and
    England (Autum Chamberlain, Katrina Maciver, Danielle Hopcroft and Bethany Hedley)

    Girls All Events
    1. Hwang Yeon-Ju, Korea
    2. New Hui Fen, Singapore
    3. Kim Seon-Jeong, Korea

    Girls Masters
    1. Hwang Yeon-Ju, Korea
    2. Jacqueline Sijore, Malaysia
    3. Dayang Khairuniza, Malaysia and Bernice Lim, Singapore