Germany is sweltering under a heat wave


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    Ted Thompson.jpg It is hot in Germany. Temperatures are up to 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale since more than five weeks. Players and officials at the 9th World Youth Championships in Berlin suffer from the heat, in and outside the bowling center and even in the hotels.

    We were interested how much the heat affects the lane maintenance and talked to lane expert Ted Thompson, Kegel's representative in Europe and technical consultants to the WTBA Technical Committee.

    Question: Ted, how difficult is it for you and the Kegel crew to maintain the lanes?

    Ted Thompson: "It is HOT in Berlin!!! The lanes are holding up very well even though the temperature is high since we are using Kegel Offense HV, oil designed specially for this type of environment.

    This oil was designed by Kegel for the PBA Tour’s TV show and the high heat lighting. We have had good success with this oil even in events using an outdoor TV Show."

    Question: But have seen many low scores and even a sub-100 score in the singles event. Why's that?

    Ted Thompson: "The priority for a World Championship event is to provide a challenge and good competition, not a high scoring environment. I must reiterate, the oil pattern is only a part of the total playing environment.

    The high temperature, the lane surface, the truer pin carry (new pins), the added pressure by competing in a World Championship as well as basic things like travel, sleeping in a strange bed and time differences for many players all add up to a challenge only the most prepared will be able to handle."

    Question: It seems as if some players are completely lost on short oil?

    Ted Thompson: "So far the players have only played on the short pattern (editor's note: We talked before the Girl's doubles was finished). From what I can see overall, the youth still lack the knowledge and experience needed for the short oil pattern with regard to technique, lane play and ball choices.

    This particular short oil pattern has one of the higher ratios (least amount of oil to the greatest amount of oil) that have been used in recent history for this type of event. Even though the long pattern is flatter than the short, I look for the scores to increase slightly in the doubles event because most of the players will be in their comfort zone.

    By the way, the medal winners in the boys' singles event all used less aggressive bowling balls the top two used low flare urethane and the third-placed bowler used low flare reactive.

    To be continued.