Martin Larsen becomes the 20th player to crack the 1400-bar in Oslo


    2015 European Bowling Tour #15

    Swede rolls 1418 in Squad 15 to leap into 15th place; Jimmy Mortensen (DEN) holds on to the lead with 1514; No. 42 score to beat is 1320 (220 average)



    2015EBT15JimmyMortensen.jpgEight-time European Bowling Tour champion Martin Larsen (pictured above) of Sweden became the 20th player at the Norwegian Open 2015 by Brunswick who cracked the 1400-bar at Veitvet Bowling Center in Oslo, Norway.

    The World and European champion had games of 222, 275, 236, 236, 235 and 214 to lead the 15th qualifying squad with 1418, an average of 236.33, to leap into 15th place in the overall qualifying standings.

    Jimmy Mortensen (right) of Denmark, who became the first player to surpass the magic 1500-mark (250 average) earlier today, continued to lead the 164-player field from Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden with 1514 (252.33).

    2015EBT15FredrikFinstadAnshus.jpg2015EBT15AnnieThorell.jpgFredrik Finstad Anshus (left) was also on course for 1400 after five games of 268, 242, 240, 215 and 209. After a final 194 game, the Norwegian had to settle for 1368 (228.00), currently good for 27th place.

    Next were Sweden's Alexander Larsson and Annie Thorell (right), who tied at 1342. Thorell, who received eight pins handicap each game, had the more consistent set of six games (between 202 and 235), while Larsson had a high game of 289 and a low game of 176.

    However, according to the rules, Larsson was seeded 36th and Thorell 37th as Larsson had the higher five-game series (six-game total minus the lowest game) which breaks the tie.

    Jan Cato Sparby of Norway improved his previous high score (1182) by 153 pins to rocket from 84th to 39th place with 1335. His compatriot Øyvind Haugen currently holds the 42nd and last spot to advance to the semi-finals with 1320 or an average of 220.

    Qualifying continues this evening with Squad 16 scheduled to start at 8.30 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST).

    2015NorwegianOpenLogo.jpg The Norwegian Open 2015 by Brunswick is the 15th and penultimate stop of the 2015 European Bowling Tour, the last of nine EBT "Satellite" events and the last EBT event on European soil this season. The tournament will be held from Oct. 2-11 at Veitvet Bowling Center in in Norway's capital city of Oslo.

    The tournament offers total prize fund of 239.000 Norwegian Kronor or more than 25.000 Euro with 40.000 NOK going to the winner and a last-to-cash payout of 1.000 Kronor for 60th place.

    BowlingdigitalBanner.gif Bowlingdigital will provide onsite coverage of the Norwegian Open 2015 by Brunswick from Veitvet Bowling Center in Oslo featuring stories, photos and results after each round commencing Thursday, October 8, all the way through to the finals. The finals will be on Sunday, October 11, completed in the late afternoon.

    Qualifying of the Norwegian Open began Friday, Oct. 2 and concludes Saturday, Oct. 10 with the final Squad 23 scheduled for 5 p.m. local time (CEST). Women receive 8 pins handicap each game (maximum is 300), an equality handicap provided to women in all EBT events.

    Total 60 players will advance to the finals on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10 & 11:
    • the top 42 players from the overall qualifying standings
    • two players from a separate leaderboard of Squad 1-7, who are not among the top 42
    • the next four women
    • the next four juniors (must not be born before Sept. 1, 1997)
    • the next four seniors (must be 50 years of age on Oct. 2nd)
    • and two players each from the Turbo 1 and 2 list (highest score in qualifying game 5 and 6, respectively; separate fee necessary).

    More information can be found in the Tournament Preview.

    2015EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2015 European Bowling Tour currently consists of 16 tournaments in 12 countries featuring three "Platinum" events, three "Gold", three "Silver" and seven "Satellite" events. All 16 tournaments together offer total prize fund of 850.000 Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the 9th EBT Masters July 25, 2016 at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino following the 12th San Marino Open.


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    Norwegian Open 2015 by Brunswick - Standings after Squad 15/23

    60 players, including the top 42 players from the overall qualifying standings, will advance to the finals on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10 & 11

    300 games (1) - Mikael Roos.