Martin Paulsson shoots big game to win 6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open



    Swede defeats top-seeded Thomas Larsen (DEN) in the title match, 255-237



    2015BucharestOpenMartinPaulsson.jpg2015BucharestOpenThomasLarsen.jpgIn the title match between two world champions, second-seeded Martin Paulsson (pictured left) of Sweden fired a big game to defeat tournament leader Thomas Larsen (right) of Denmark, 255-237, to win the 6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open Sunday at IDM bowling center in Bucharest, Romania.

    Paulsson, world champion in Doubles in 2010, received 3.500 Euro for the victory, while Larsen, reigning world champion in Trios, pocketed 2.500 for second place.

    2015BucharestOpenAnnaAndersson.jpg2015BucharestOpenBjornEinarRudshagen.jpgIn the semi-final match, Paulsson eliminated the lone woman in the four-player stepladder finals, defeating fellow countrywoman Anna Andersson (left) by three pins, 210-207. Andersson, who received eight pins handicap, finished third and took home 2.000 Euro.

    Andersson, who beat out 2012 Bucharest Open winner Giannis Stathatos of Greece for the fourth and last spot, upset former European champion Bjørn Einar Rudshagen (right) of Norway in the opening match, ousting the two-time defending champion, 242-239.

    After winning two consecutive titles in Romania, Rudshagen had to settle for fourth place, worth 1.500 Euro.

    2015BucharestOpenLogo_small.jpgThe 6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open was held from October 4-11, 2015 at IDM bowling center, a 14-laner in Bucharest, Romania, and offered total prize fund of 22.150 Euro. The non-European Bowling Tour tournament drew 141 players from 15 countries.

    40 players, including the top 37 qualifiers and the top 3 of the Desperado Squad, survived the qualifying portion. Top 4 qualifiers earned two byes while qualifiers 5 to 16 got one bye. The finals featured four 4-game rounds in which the field was trimmed to 28, 16, 8 and then four players, who determined the winner in a stepladder final.


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    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Stepladder Finals

    IDM bowling center in Bucharest, Romania (October 4-11, 2015)

    Championship Round:
    1. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 465 (2 games), 3.500 Euro
    2. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 237 (1 game), 2.500 Euro
    3. Anna Anderson, Sweden, 449 (2 games), 2.000 Euro
    4. Bjørn Einar Rudshagen, Norway, 239 (1 game), 1.500 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    First Match: No. 4 Andersson def. No. 3 Rudshagen, 242-239
    Second Match: No. 2 Paulsson def. Andersson, 210-207
    Championship: Paulsson def. No. 1 Larsen, 255-237.
    Andersson received eight pins handicap.


    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Places 5-40 (Cashers)

    Players with position, country and earnings

    5. Giannis Stathatos, Greece, 700 Euro
    6. Victor Dumitrascu, Romania, 700 Euro
    7. Lucian Paraschiv, Romania, 700 Euro
    8. Romeo Gagenoiu, Romania, 700 Euro
    9. Tommy Petersen, Greece, 400 Euro
    10. Vassilis Stefopoulos, Greece, 400 Euro
    11. George Stefanidis, Greece, 400 Euro
    12. Mikael Ahlberg, Sweden, 400 Euro
    13. Yiola Pastou, Cyprus, 400 Euro
    14. Omer Nehushtan, Israel, 400 Euro
    15. Julius Hopka, Norway, 400 Euro
    16. Giannos Constantinou, Cyprus, 400 Euro
    17. Morgan Hadley, England, 250 Euro
    18. Or Aviram, Israel, 250 Euro
    19. Jeremy Christensen, Denmark, 250 Euro
    20. Ryan Morgan, England, 250 Euro
    21. Gary Baker, England, 250 Euro
    22. Paul Stott, Ireland, 250 Euro
    23. Myria Kastori, Cyprus, 250 Euro
    24. David Orlanda, Romania, 250 Euro
    25. Cristian Calagiu, Romania, 250 Euro
    26. Linas Sasnauskas, Lithuania, 250 Euro
    27. Tair Shechter, Israel, 250 Euro
    28. Guy Hamra, Israel, 250 Euro
    29. Catalin Gheorghe, Romania, 150 Euro
    30. Rune Christensen, Denmark, 150 Euro
    31. Kostas Xagoraris, Greece, 150 Euro
    32. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 150 Euro
    33. Costas Kyriacou, Cyprus, 150 Euro
    34. Nick Kekesis, Greece, 150 Euro
    35. Yahav Rabin, Israel, 150 Euro
    36. Pavlos Pelekanos, Cyprus, 150 Euro
    37. Bogdan Piciu, Romania, 150 Euro
    38. Epameinondas Patsaouras, Greece, 150 Euro
    39. Marius Balan, Romania, 150 Euro
    40. Alexandru Arbanas, Romania, 150 Euro


    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Round Four

    Top 4 advance to the stepladder finals; players 5-8 eliminated, earn 700 Euro.


    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Round Three

    Top 8 advance to the fourth round; players 9-16 eliminated, earn 400 Euro.


    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Round Two

    Top 12 advance to the third round; players 13-24 eliminated, finish in 17th to 28th place, earn 250 Euro.


    6th IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open - Round One

    Top 12 advance to the second round; players 13-24 eliminated, finish in 29th to 40th place, earn 150 Euro.


    6th IDM Bucharest Open - Standings after Qualifying and Desperado Squad

    Top 37 plus the top 3 of the Desperado Squad (places38-40) advance to the finals; top 4 qualifiers earn two byes, qualifiers 5-16 receive a first-round bye.