Jason Belmonte will be known as the bowler who revolutionized the sport



    By Lucas Wiseman



    2016ColumnistLucasWiseman.jpg Some people hate Jason Belmonte (pictured above). And the reason is simple. He does things to a bowling ball most people can't even dream of doing, and he's breaking the mold of traditional bowling.

    Pictured right is the author, Lucas Wiseman, who has covered bowling events around the world for more than a decade. You can follow him on Twitter at @Lucas_Wiseman.

    For those of you who insist on hating Belmonte, it's time to accept reality. Jason Belmonte may be the best bowler to ever pick up a bowling ball.

    The success Belmonte, an Australian who uses a unique two-handed delivery (from the right-hand side), is having is driving some people mad on social media. Here's a sample of comments from just one afternoon:

    • - "I hate to say it, but Belmo has really ruined the traditional aspect of the sport."
    • - "Please stop showing BELHO! all the time! Much better bowlers out there that you could be covering also!!"
    • - "2 handed bowling is for f-----s and Australians...in this case both"
    Comments like these are hateful, hurtful, unproductive, unnecessary and damaging for the sport of bowling. There's nothing wrong with the way Belmonte throws the ball, there's nothing illegal about it and he's found a way to make it very successful.

    The sport is going through a revolution, and the two-handed delivery is catching fire. Have you been to a youth league or tournament lately? Kids are bowling with that style all over the world now.

    The future is now, and the pioneer is Belmonte. He's blazing a trail that is positive for bowling. He's a great role model and goes above and beyond when it comes to promoting the sport through the media.

    In the past four seasons, Belmonte has won 11 titles. At an average of 2.75 titles per season, he would reach 50 career titles by the time he turns 46. Even if Belmonte doesn't win another title, he's a surefire Professional Bowlers Association and United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer.

    One day we will all look back at this point in the history of bowling as the era that revolutionized the sport.

    The two-handers aren't just coming, they are here. And for the sake of the sport we all love, it's time to get on board.

    Editor's note: Lucas Wiseman also interviewed Jason Belmonte at the beginning of his career as a professional bowler some eight years ago. To review the interview, click here