Welcome Message from the Federación Venezolana de Bowling


    2006 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

    2006FVBLogo.jpg The Federación Venezolana de Bowling (Venezuelan Bowling Federation) is pleased to welcome all the people who will participate, in one way or another, in the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup 2006 to be celebrated in our country from the 3rd to the 10th of November.

    We sincerely hope that your stay will be very pleasant and that the players can develop all their abilities in the lanes of our renewed National Bowling Center at Mampote, but first of all we hope that all our visitors can take with them the affection and the warmth of this Venezuelan land, front door to the South part of the American continent.

    If we summarize the life of the AMF World Cup, nowadays the QubicaAMF World Cup, we can indicate that from its beginning in 1965 it has been the most important single championship at international level.

    The best bowlers of the world make a tremendous effort to achieve the honor of representing their country and to try to win the maximum world-wide award. It has been an example of outstanding organization, among other details, but mainly because of the quality of the participants and the spectacular bowling of the highest category that it shows, in addition to the difficulty of the systems that are used to determine the world-wide champions. All the above grants a special condition to this tournament as the annual single amateur event of greater prestige in the world.

    Since 1966, Venezuela has been a regular participant in this traditional competition and has had great performances in it, emphasizing in sequence the better performances we have two consecutive runner up by Carlos Lovera in Manila, the Philippines 1975 and in Tehran, Iran 1976, as well as the third places of Gabriela Bigai and Pedro Carreyó in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1988, whose combined performances won the trophy to the best country, 4th and 5th consecutive places by Gerardy Troconis in Scheveningen,

    The Netherlands and New York, United States in 1.982 and 1.981, respectively, Regina’s Peñaloza 5th place in Manila, the Philippines in 1.975, 5th place by Carmen Aguilar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1.987, recently 5th place by Arturo Hernandez in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2.005 and to finish the performances within the eight best ones of the world, we indicated 7th place by Jaime Bracho in Hamburg, Germany in 1.972 and 7th place by Carmen Aguilar in Bogotá, Colombia in 1.985.

    In the present year 2006 is our hope to continue with another good performance through Reydnier Chávez and Karen Marcano, two talented exponents of Venezuelan bowling. When analyzing qualifying event finals, we observed a generational battle and thus, like a good student, Reydnier Chávez surpassed his teacher Arturo Hernandez and will have the opportunity to participate in the great AMF event for the first time, something that Hernandez was looking for 4th time in a row.

    Chávez showed all his potential dominating first game 259 against 235 of Hernandez, losing second 266 against 268 and in decisive 3rd game won 243 to 224, in high category closed match that was enjoyed by all the attending public until the last throw. To complete the podium we have Luis Rovaina and Eric Acon in 3rd and 4th places, respectively.

    On the other hand, Karen Marcano defeated her experienced sister Alicia Marcano, reaching her first appearance in the Qubica AMF World Cup and denying Alicia which would have also been her first time in this event.

    Karen Marcano throughout showed her high bowling level, from the very beginning to the end, giving reason to those that think she probably is the best one female bowler of the country at the present time. She won all her matches in 2 games and in the final one had games of 265 and 223 defeating Alicia Marcano, who bowled 223 and 179, in relatively easy way. To complete the podium the other semifinalists were Sasha Carrara (3rd) and Gilant Gonzalez (4rd).

    Reydnier Chávez represented Venezuela in adults for the first time in American Bowling Congress (A.B.C.) Masters Tournament in the United States in 1.999 and his 2nd appearance was as a member of champion team in 2005 South American Club Championship in Panama.

    In 2006 he was a member of the champion team at Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia, gold medal team in the Pre-Olympic tournaments at Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and bowled in FIQ-WTBA Korea World Championship.

    Now he will have his seventh international performance in the Qubica AMF World Cup and soon he will go to the South American Games. He has five international medals, which gives him the position number 31 in our national historical list.

    Being still in the youth category, Karen Marcano represented Venezuela for the first time in the adult category in 1994 in the Tournament of the Americas, USA, and a few years later came back to adults in 1.998 in the Central American and Caribbean Games bowled in Venezuela.

    She was Champion in Mixed Doubles at the Americas 2,002, 3rd Place on Singles and Team event at the American Championship FIQ-WTBA in 2,001 Argentina and Trios Champion in the same tournament the past year 2,005 in Costa Rica. As a bowler of the American Zone has bowled in the finals of the World Ranking Masters in Denmark 2,002, United States 2,005 and Kuwait 2006, and she was the American Zone Ranking Champion in 2.004.

    Also she was a member of the champion team in the Central American Games 2006 in Colombia and won 2 Pre-Olympics tournaments in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The Qubica AMF World Cup will be her twenty first international adult’s appearance prior to South American Games and she has won 31 international medals, at the time she is the number 6 female bowler of our national historical list.

    Venezuela trusts a positive performance of their bowlers, continuing the worthy representations that our nation has had in the event. We know the high quality of bowlers who will visit us, which means a closed and great category championship.

    Venezuela will have the high responsibility of being host of the Qubica AMF World Cup for the second time. For that reason the National Sports Institute (I.N.D.) has designated a multidisciplinary team work, including Venezuelan Bowling Federation.

    The National Bowling Center Mampote has been completely renewed thanks to the contribution of the National Sports Institute and the Venezuelan Bowling Federation wishes to help at their best to be a dignified host.

    Eduardo Marchandet
    President Venezuelan Bowling Federation

    For an informative purpose, next we will show four statistical aspects of Venezuelan participations in the Qubica AMF World Cup, performances, average, number of appearances and the national bowlers list, including performance place over the total of players and the reached average.

    Carlos Lovera - 2nd (1975)
    Carlos Lovera - 2nd (1976)
    Pedro Carreyó - 3rd (1988)
    Arturo Hernández - 5th (2005)
    Jaime Bracho - 7th (1972)
    Carmen Aguilar - 7th (1985)

    Gabriela Bigai - 3rd (1988)
    Gerardy Troconis - 4th (1982)
    Regina Peñaloza - 5th (1975)
    Gerardy Troconis - 5th (1981)
    Carmen Aguilar - 5th (1987)

    Arturo Hernández - 220,81 (2004)
    Pedro Díaz - 220,00 (2002)
    Arturo Hernández - 217,17 (2005)
    José V. Lander - 212,55 (2000)

    Mariela Alarza - 207,41 (2004)
    Margalit Mizrachi - 202,31 (2003)
    Vanessa Caroli - 198,23 (1995)
    Gerardy Troconis - 196,00 (1982)

    Arturo Hernández - 3 (2003 - 2004 - 2005)
    Gustavo P. Osuna - 2 (1974 - 1980)
    Carlos Lovera - 2 (1975 – 1976)
    Américo Clinaz - 2 (1978 – 1985)
    Héctor Pappe - 2 (1979 – 1981)
    Pedro Carreyó - 2 (1983 – 1988)

    Regina Peñaloza - 2 (1975 – 1979)
    Gerardy Troconis - 2 (1981 - 1982)
    Carmen Aguilar - 2 (1985 – 1987)
    Gabriela Bigai - 2 (1986 – 1988)
    Mariela Alarza - 2 (1994 – 2004)