Schmidt moves into second place in Caracas



    Leader Palermaa shoots secnd 300 game of the tournament

    2006BWCMichaelSchmidt_small.jpg 2006BWCOskuPalermaa_small3.jpg Defending champ Michael Schmidt (left) of Canada moved into second behind Osku Palermaa (right) of Finland after 16 games of qualifying at the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Caracas. Schmidt, who finished Monday's action in fourth place, averaged 232.50 for eight games Tuesday to bring his 16-game total to 3,800 pins and his average to 237.50. That puts him exactly 200 pins behind Palermaa, who is averaging 250.00.

    "I went to my fifth/sixth arrow shot early today, because the ball was jumping," said Schmidt. "But I wasn't getting the carry I got last night. I decided to go with a medium-surfaced ball, closed my angle a little, and let the ball arc in. That got me back on track."

    2006BWCPetterHansen_small3.jpg 2006BWCAlanGibbons_small.jpg Schmidt knocked Norway's Petter Hansen (left), with 3,717 pins and a 232.31 average, into third place. Guy Caminsky of South Africa is fourth with 3,708 pins and a 231.75 average. Ireland's Alan Gibbons (right) follows in fifth with 3,704 pins and a 231.50 average. Dominic Barrett of England is sixth with 3,692 pins and a 230.75 average.

    2006BWCGrabowskiAviramPatterson.jpg Moving from 16th into seventh place is Thierry Sacco of France. Sacco improved his output to 3,640 pins sand a 227.50 average on the strength of a 285 game midway through the block. German star Achim Grabowski (left) rounds out the top 8 with 3,638 pins and a 227.38 average.

    U.S. National Amateur Champion Dan Patterson (right) fell to 18th place behind a 1642 series today. European Champions Cup winner Or Aviram (center) from Israel made up some ground today after averaging 224.63 for the day. Aviram leaped 14 spots into 20th place with 3459 16-game total. Venezuela's

    2006BWCReydnierChavez_small2.jpg Reydnier Chavez (left) is in danger of missing Wednesday's cut to the top 24. He is 45 pins away, with 3,365 pins and a 210.31 average. The man currently "on the bubble" in the 24th spot is Edgardo Ruiz of Puerto Rico. Ruiz is averaging 213.13 with 3,410 pins.

    Fifty of the 88 men competing in this year's World Cup are averaging 200 or better after the first 16 games. Palermaa's 300 game earlier Tuesday remains the lone perfecto rolled by a man in this year's tournament.

    The women roll their second eight-game qualifying round beginning at 6 p.m.

    Top 5 after 16 Games (Squad 2 only): 1. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 3800 2. Thierry Sacco, France, 3640 3. Achim Grabowski, Germany, 3638 4. Markwin Tee, Philippines, 3627 5. Jason Walsh, Australia, 3581.

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    Palermaa extends lead at 42nd QubicaAMF World Cup; Shoots second 300-game of the tournament

    2006BWCOskuPalermaa2.jpg Osku Palermaa of Finland moved farther away from the rest of the men's field Tuesday at the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Caracas. Palermaa closed his morning eight-game qualifying block with a 792 series, including the tournament's second perfect game.

    His effort brings his 16-game total to an even 4,000 pins and 250.0 average. Palermaa leads Petter Hansen of Norway by more than 200 pins; Hansen has 3,717 pins and a 232.31 average. The two Scandinavians, room mates at the Radisson Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas, are 1,317 pins over after two days.

    2006BWCHansenCaminskyCayzer.jpg Just nine pins behind Hansen is Guy Caminsky of South Africa (3,708 total/231.75 average). Alan Gibbons of Ireland is a hair behind Caminsky with 3,704 pins and a 231.50 average.

    Wearing the Bowlingdigital colors: L-R Petter Hansen, Guy Caminsky and Nick Cayzer.

    "I thought the lanes were a little faster this morning," said Palermaa. "Two games before the 300 game, I shot 171. I didn't adjust quickly enough, missed the pocket three times, and paid for it. I have started out very well in a couple of other tournaments, but it doesn't happen often. I am very happy to be where I am in the tournament right now."

    Palermaa's 300 game is the 33rd in the 42-year history of the Bowling World Cup, and the 27th by a male bowler. It is Palermaa's 22nd, which equals his age.

    2006BWCRyanLalisang_small.jpg 2006BWCDominicBarrett_small.jpg Rounding out the top 8 currently are England's Dominic Barrett (left, 3,692 pins/230.75 average), Soong Joon Baek of Korea (3,624 pins/226.50 average), Ryan Lalisang of Indonesia (right, 3,618 pins/226.13 average) and Argentina's Lucas Legnani (3,560 pins/222.50 average).

    2006BWCReydnierChavez_small2.jpg Local favorite Reydnier Chavez is sitting in 14th place with 3,365 pins and a 210.31 average.

    Defending champion Michael Schmidt resumes his quest for back-to-back World Cups on the 1 p.m. men's squad Tuesday afternoon. The women return to the lanes at 6 p.m.

    Top 5 after 16 Games (Squad 1 only): 1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 4000 2. Petter Hansen, Norway, 3717 3. Guy Caminsky, South Africa, 3708 4. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 3704 5. Dominic Barrett, England, 3692.

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