Schmidt moves in front at the Bowling World Cup



    2006BWCMichaelSchmidt_small.jpg 2006BWCAchimGrabowski_small2.jpg Canada's Michael Schmidt (l.) led his men's squad for the third day in a row and moved into first place at the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Caracas. The defending champ's 1,829 series Wednesday morning put him ahead of Achim Grabowski (r.) of Germany by 211 pins, 5,629-5,418.

    2006BWCJasonWalsh_small.jpg 2006BWCMarkwinTee_small.jpg Schmidt is averaging 234.54 compared to Grabowski's 225.75. Jason Walsh (l.), Australia, is third with 5,357 pins and a 223.21 average, while Markwin Tee (r.) of the Philippines sits in fourth with 5,291 pins and a 220.46 average.

    A surprising face in the top 8 is Northern Ireland's William "Billy" Nimick. The 31-year-old Belfast resident has 5,290 pins and a 220.42 average for 24 games. However, he feels his total should have been even higher.

    "I missed at least 20 single-pin spares during the 24 games," he mourned. "That's almost one spare a game I gave away." Nimick, the reigning Commonwealth Games singles champion, looks like a lock to repeat his top 24 showing in last year's World Cup in Slovenia.

    2006BWCThierrySacco_small.jpg 2006BWCOrAviram_small2.jpg Positions 6-8 currently belong to Thierry Sacco (l.) of France (5,274 pins/219.75 average), Or Aviram (r.) of Israel (5,226 pins/217.75 average) and Adrian Ang of Malaysia (5,206 pins/216.92 average). The 1986 World Cup champ, Peter Ljung of Sweden, trails Ang by just two pins, 5,206-5,204. He checked in with a 216.83 average for 24 games.

    Based on Tuesday's scoring pace and the results of Wednesday's first squad, the cut to the top 24 for the men seems to be zeroing in on a 212 average. Right now, that spot belongs to Ukraine's Oleksandr Kalika, who is in 12th place. His 1,754 block Wednesday gives him total pinfall of 5,101 pins and a 212.54 average.

    2006BWCPeterLjung_small2.jpg 2006BWCReydnierChavez_small2.jpg Ljung (l.) and Michal Rybicki of Poland put up the high single scores for their squad with games of 279. Rybicki finished his 24 games of qualifying with 4,929 pins and a 205.38 average.
    Venezuela's Reydnier Chavez (r.) will make his run for the top 24 in Wednesday's 6 p.m. squad at Centro Nacional de Bowling Mampote. He was in 28th place with a 210.31 average at the end of play on Tuesday.

    2006BWCOskuPalermaa_small2.jpg Finland's Osku Palermaa, who led after Tuesday's scoring and has one of the tournament's two perfect games, also takes the lanes at 6 p.m. The first cut for the men comes at the conclusion of play Wednesday night. The top 24 return Thursday at 11:30 a.m. for another eight games to cut to the top 8, who will bowl seven more games and a position round before the field is cut to the top three. Those three will decide the champion in a best-of-three games stepladder final.

    Top 5 after 24 Games (Squad 2 only): 1. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 5629 2. Achim Grabowski, Germany, 5418 3. Jason Walsh, Australia, 5357 4. Markwin Tee, Philippines, 5291 5. William Nimick, Northern Ireland, 5290.

    Top 5 after 22 Games (Squad 2 only): 1. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 5170 2. Jason Walsh, Australia, 4897 3. Achim Grabowski, Germany, 4894 4. Thierry Sacco, France, 4884 5. Markwin Tee, Philippines, 4880.

    Top 5 after 20 Games (Squad 2 only): 1. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 4727 2. Achim Grabowski, Germany, 4535 3. Thierry Sacco, France, 4481 4. Jason Walsh, Australia, 4460 5. Markwin Tee, Philippines, 4432.

    Top 5 after 18 Games (Squad 2 only): 1. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 4270 2. Thierry Sacco, France, 4095 3. Markwin Tee, Philippines, 4060 4. Achim Grabowski, Germany, 4055 5. Jason Walsh, Australia, 4054.

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