Palermaa dominates men's World Cup qualifying, rolls his second 300 game



    2006BWCOskuPalermaa_small.jpgOsku Palermaa dominated the 24-game preliminaries in the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup. The Finn is now the second player in the 42-year-history of the Bowling World Cup with two 300 games (Jack Guay from Canada was the first, in 1994 and 1995) and the sole person to accomplish the feat in the same tournament.

    Palermaa's 300 came in the 4th game of the third block, the 20th game overall. It was the 34th perfecto in the history of the World Cup and the 28th by a man. Palermaa felled 6,057 pins, an average of 252.38 over 24 games.

    2006BWCMichaelSchmidt_small.jpg 2006BWCPetterHansen_small3.jpg Defending champion Michael Schmidt (left) from Canada is second at 5,629 (234,54) with Petter Hansen (right) from Norway just five pins behind in third, 5,624 (234.33).

    Rounding out the top 8 after 24 games are Dominic Barrett of England (5,491 pins/228.79 average), Alan Gibbons of Ireland (5,467 pins/227.79 average), South African Guy Caminsky (5,439 pins/226.63 average), 1988 World Cup champion Mohammed Al-Qubaisi, UAE (5,426 pins/226.08), and Achim Grabowski of Germany (5,418 pins/225.75 average).

    2006BWCReydnierChavez_small2.jpg Reydnier Chavez from the host country Venezuela closed out the qualifying with 289 and 279 to hit the cutoff number for 24th place with 5,105 (212.71).

    The top 24 return to Centro Nacional de Bowling Mampote Thursday morning at 11.30 a.m. for eight more games before the field is cut to the top 8. Those players roll seven more games starting at 3.30 p.m. and finish with a position-round pairing up to determine the three who advance to Friday's TV finals.

    Top 5 after 24 Games (Squad 1 only): 1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 4026 2. Michael Schmidt, Canada, 3689 3. Petter Hansen, Norway, 3806 4. Dominic Barrett, England, 3627 5. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 3550.

    Top 5 after 22 Games (Squad 1 only): 1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 5566 2. Petter Hansen, Norway, 5152 3. Dominic Barrett, England, 5087 4. Guy Caminsky, South Africa, 5041 5. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 4998.

    Top 5 after 20 Games (Squad 1 only): 1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 5053 2. Petter Hansen, Norway, 4628 3. Dominic Barrett, England, 4618 4. Guy Caminsky, South Africa, 4567 5. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 4540.

    Top 5 after 18 Games (Squad 1 only): 1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 4474 2. Petter Hansen, Norway, 4222 3. Guy Caminsky, South Africa, 4140 4. Dominic Barrett, England, 4091 5. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 4080.

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