Comment deadline for FIQ Reorganization Committee proposals ends February 1


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    WTBALogo.jpg FIQ Logo.jpg The main task of the FIQ Reorganization Committee is to prepare the re-organization or merger of the FIQ (Federation Internationale des Quilleurs), WTBA (World Tenpin Bowling Association) and WNBA (World Ninepin Bowling Association).

    There is absolutely no doubt that a need for change exists. Apart from other reasons, it is just too expensive to run these organizations.

    As reported earlier, the Reorganization Committee has met in Caracas, Venezuela, during the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup. Kevin Dornberger, FIQ Vice President and chairman of that committee had the hope he would get enough input from the federations to "send at least two proposals to all federations for further comment or criticism."

    Dornberger and committee members Alberto Ferrer (Colombia), Vivian Fung (Hong Kong), Bill Hoffman (United States), Christer Jonsson, Magnus Johnsson (both Sweden), Hazel McCleary (Canada), Niels Nasser (Denamrk), Danny Santos (Philippines), Heikki Sarso (Finland), Sheikh Talal (Kuwait), Alex Popov (Russia) and Jose Guandique (El Salvador) reviewed two proposals received, and feedback from one federation on the proposals.

    That was all from more than 100 federations.

    "The Committee modified one of the proposals received, based on feedback and Committee discussion, for distribution to all FIQ federations for consideration, constructive criticism and any additional proposals," Dornberger said.

    "Additionally, the Committee has received a proposal to remove the '70-year age restriction' for Presidium members."

    Both the modified reorganization proposal and the question of the 70-year age restriction were sent to all federations, with a comment deadline of February 1, 2007.

    The Reorganization Committee will meet again February 23, 2007 in Barcelona to review federation feedback - if any - and potentially make recommendations to FIQ Presidium, which meets Feb. 24-25.

    Bowlingdigital has received a copy of the 'merger proposal' in English and in Spanish and the 'Age 70 Presidium limitation'.

    To: All FIQ Member Federations
    From: FIQ Statutes/Reorganization Committee
    Date: December 13, 2006

    Re: Request for your opinion

    The FIQ Statutes/Reorganization Committee hereby requests your opinion, feedback, criticism and other comment on the following issues facing FIQ, WTBA and WNBA:

    1. Reorganization/merger of FIQ, WTBA and WNBA
    Attached you will find a Powerpoint presentation in English and in Spanish of a merger proposal for FIQ, WTBA and WNBA that has been revised and approved by the FIQ Statutes/Reorganization Committee.

    Editor's note: If you don't want to download the Powerpoint presentations or if you cannot open them scroll down this page to read it online.

    If adopted as written, this proposal would have following effect:

    1. New FIQ Presidium would consist of eleven members:
    a. Two elected by WNBA (2)
    b. Three WTBA Zone Presidents and one additional representative from each zone (6)
    c. WTBA President, who will automatically be FIQ President (1)
    d. Two Vice-Presidents elected by WTBA (2)

    2. Future Congress meetings would consist of WTBA and WNBA. FIQ Congress would no longer exist.

    3. The primary duties of the FIQ Presidium would to pursue the current charge of the FIQ under its articles and statutes.

    4. FIQ would continue to be the recognized international federation to the IOC.

    Please give consideration to this proposal and give us your feedback; what you like, what you don’t like, what you think should be added or removed.

    2. Age 70 Presidium limitation.
    Current Article 7.2 of the FIQ Statutes and Bylaws requires that any Presidium member who attains the age of 70 years retire at the end of that calendar year. This rule coincides with the IOC Statutes on the subject.

    Please advise the Committee, do you wish the rule to stay in place, or should it be removed?

    Please forward your responses to the foregoing two issues to the FIQ, attention Danny Santos, on or before February 1, 2007. The next meeting of the Statutes/Reorganization Committee will be February 23, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain at which time we will consider all Federation input and potentially finalize our proposal for the Presidium to consider as proposed legislation for the 2007 Congress in Mexico.

    Kevin Dornberger, Chair
    Alberto Ferrer
    Vivian Fung
    Bill Hoffman
    Christer Jonsson
    Magnus Johnsson
    Hazel McCleary
    Niels Nasser
    Danny Santos
    Heikki Sarso
    Sheikh Talal
    Alex Popov
    Jose Guandique, Committee members

    FIQ's Reorganization (in English)

    Congress 2007

    Need for change exists
    • Current organization model complex
    • Unclear for third parties
    • Too expensive to run
    • Tasks limited to membership issues and Olympic efforts
    • No resources for promotion

    FIQ's Role
    • Remains the recognized organization by IOC
    • No changes in FIQ / IOC relations
    • FIQ shall concentrate in Olympic efforts
    • Memberships in GAISF, ARISF, IWGA remain in force
    • Cost effective and coordinated actions
    • No more FIQ Congresses
    • Only working body is the Presidium
    • Elections made in all major bowling congresses (WTBA, WNBA, ABF, ETBF, American zone)

    FIQ Presidium
    • 11 members
    • 7 from WTBA and 2 from WNBA
    • 2 Vice Presidents from WTBA
    • WTBA Zone Presidents and one representative from each zone (6)
    • WNBA Representatives (2)
    • WTBA President (1)

    FIQ Presidium positions
    • President is WTBA President
    • Vice president is WNBA Representative (President)
    • Secretary General is WTBA Secretary General

    FIQ’s Task
    • Plan and save the FIQ’s finances
    • Pay all debts to WNBA, WTBA and third parties in two years
    • Ensure the Olympic project until IOC Session in Copenhagen 2009

    After 2007 Congress
    • Elected presidents will lead FIQ
    • Membership issues moved to WTBA and WNBA
    • More actions with same costs
    • Olympic efforts and international relations are in main focus
    • FIQ membership fees needed at least for 2008 and 2009

    To view the proposal as MS-PowerPoint Presentation click here.

    Reorganización de la FIQ (en español)

    Congreso 2007

    La necesidad de cambio existe
    • El actual modelo de organización es complejo
    • No es claro y no está bien definida la estructura
    • Elevados costos operativos
    • Funciones limitadas a: administración de membresías y tramites con el C.O.I (Comite Olímpico Internacional)
    • No hay recursos suficientes para promover el deporte de Bolos

    Rol de la FIQ (propuestas)
    • Mantener el reconocimiento de la federación ante el C.O.I(Comité Olímpico Internacional)
    • No hacer cambios con la relación entre la FIQ y el C.O.I
    • La FIQ deberá concentrar sus funciones en asuntos olímpicos
    • No hay cambios en las membresías con:Asociación General de Federaciones Internacionales de Deportes (GAISF/AGFIS),ARISF: Asociación de Federaciones Deportivas Reconocidas por el C.O.I., Asociación Internacional de Juegos Mundiales (IWGA)
    • Eliminar costos improductivos e innecesarios
    • Eliminar congresos FIQ
    • La estructura de la FIQ estará conformada tan sólo por el Presidium (Directorio)
    • Las elecciones del Presidium se llevarán a cabo en los congresos de las asociasiones (WTBA,WNBA,ABF,ETBF,Zona Americana)

    Presidium de la FIQ
    • 11 miembros
    • 7 de la WTBA y 2 de la WNBA
    • 2 viscepresidentes de la WTBA
    • Los presidentes de las zonas WTBA
    • Los representantes de las zonas WTBA
    • 2 representantes de la WNBA
    • El presidente de la WTBA

    Organización del Presidium de la FIQ y secretario
    • Presidente: El presidente de la WTBA
    • Viscepresidente: El representante de la WNBA
    • Secretario General: El secretario general de la WTBA

    Funciones de la FIQ
    • Planear y administar de manera consciente los asuntos financieros de la FIQ
    • Pagar deudas pendientes con WNBA, WTBA y otros en un plazo no mayor a 2 años
    • Asegurar el proyecto olímpico hata la asamblea del C.O.I en Copenhague el 2009

    Después del Congreso del 2007
    • Presidentes elegidos tomarán la dirección de la FIQ
    • Asuntos y administración de membresías se manejarán en la WTBA y WNBA respectivamente
    • Los miembros recibirán más servicios y beneficios sin variaciones en el costo de mebresía
    • La FIQ enfocará y concentrará es fuerzos en el proyecto olímpico
    • El costo de membresía para la FIQ se mantendrá durante el 2008 y el 2009 (de manera que la FIQ pueda cubrir deudas pendientes). Después de este periodo los costos de membresía serán administrados por le WTBA y le WNBA respectivamente

    To view the proposal as MS-PowerPoint Presentation click here.