Once again the outgoing WTBA President appeals the results of the election made by the WTBA Congress


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    2005WWCHeikkiSarso.jpg For the second consecutive time, an immediate past president of the World Tenpin Bowling Association has contested the results of an election.

    Finland's Heikki Sarso submitted an appeal to the WTBA Presidium at this week's meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, asking the WTBA to investigate whether current president Kevin Dornberger violated WTBA statutes in seeking the endorsement of Brunswick.

    The appeal was quickly denied by the Presidium.

    Sarso's appeal read, in part, as followed:

    The Appellant respectfully requests that the Presidium of the World Tenpin Bowling Association ("WTBA") investigate and determine:

    1) whether Mr Kevin Dornberger, the President of the WTBA, sought and/ or obtained from Brunswick, the World's leading bowling equipment manufacturer, any endorsement for his candidacy as the WTBA President prior to the WTBA Congress in August 2007; and

    2) whether the result of the above investigation renders Mr Dornberger in breach of section 1.7.6 of the WTBA Statutes; and

    3) whether such breach (if any) renders Mr Dornberger's candidacy, and consequently his election as the President of the WTBA, invalid.

    Section 1.7.6 of the WTBA Statutes reads as follows:

    Members of the WTBA Presidium shall not in any official capacity nor personally in any way become financially involved in a firm producing or selling bowling equipment except as to the duties provided by the statutes and rules of WTBA. Persons employed by or working as honorary officials of a member organization shall be exempt, providing their duties are only for or behalf of their member organization and not of a personal nature. The Zone organizations shall also have similar requirements for their Presidium members.

    In his bid for election as president of WTBA, Dornberger sought and received endorsements from many different bowling organizations, including the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, the Professional Bowlers Association, Brunswick, Ebonite International, Roto Grip, MoRich Enterprises and Legends.

    Sarso went on to say in his appeal:

    The Appellant is concerned that when seeking "endorsement for his candidacy" as the WTBA President, Mr Dornberger, as a member of the FIQ Presidium and a future WTBA President, may have been in breach of the sections of the WTBA or FIQ Statutes cited in 2.2 above.

    It is not known to the Appellant what kind of endorsement Mr Dornberger meant, nor is it known to the Appellant, whether any endorsement was actually given to Mr Dornberger by Brunswick.

    However, the Appellant is concerned that Mr Dornberger, in requesting (and possibly receiving) endorsement for his candidacy, from Brunswick, may have "become financially involved" in Brunswick, as prohibited under the WTBA and FIQ Statutes.

    WTBAPresidentKevinDornberger.jpg Kevin Dornberger (pictured left), who is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the United States Bowling Congress, denies receiving compensation from any organization and said the allegations by Sarso "have no basis for truth."

    "The endorsements I received from several bowling organizations were simply an indication of their support for my bid to become the next president of WTBA," Dornberger said. "There were absolutely no financial arrangements with any of these organizations. I hope we can move forward and continue with our goal of getting our sport into the Olympics."

    P.S. Nathan 3.jpg Dornberger defeated Sarso 53-34 in the presidential election at the WTBA Congress in Monterrey, Mexico, earlier this year.

    Sarso's appeal is the second consecutive time an immediate past president has appealed the results of an election. Malaysian Dr. Ponkuchamy Satkuna Nathan (right), who also contested the results of the election after he left office.