ETBF President appointed as FIQ Secretary-General


    FIQ News

    FIQPresidentJessiePhua_small.jpg Addie_Ophelders2_1950.jpg Jessie Phua (left), Singapore, who was elected President of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs during the FIQ Congress held in conjunction with the 2007 Women's World Championships in Monterrey, Mexico, has announced that she has appointed European Tenpin Bowling Federation president Adolf Ophelders (right), Netherlands, as the new Secretary General of the FIQ.

    As far as we know this marks the first time in the 55-year history of the governing body for both tenpin and ninepin bowlers that the President of one of the World Tenpin Bowling Association zones becomes the chief administrative officer of the FIQ President.

    The FIQ General Secretary handles the president's correspondence and other administrative matters, takes the minutes at meetings of the FIQ Presidium and the subcommittees, and publishes regular information to the FIQ members.

    Usually the Secretary General participates in the Presidium meetings with voice but no vote. Of course Ophelders has a vote as ETBF President. Therefore he could vote when the FIQ Presidium should decide upon an honorarium to the Secretary General.