International Coaches will be in the USBC Specifications and Certification center today


    United States

    USBC Headquarters in Milwaukee, WI (Feb. 12-16, 2008)

    The 3-day classroom portion of the International Coach/Instructor Training seminar hosted by the United States Bowling Congress is over and the 21 coaches from 16 countries will be on the eight lanes in the USBC Specifications and Certification center on Friday getting hands on experience with exclusive new coaching technologies being developed by USBC.

     The training seminar concludes on Saturday with the coaches working with students on the lanes at a local bowling center.

    Pictured left is the 8-lane USBC Specifications and Certification center with "Harry", the precision ball thrower on the left. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    On the past three days the coaches received USBC Silver Coaching Certification by USBC gold coach, master instructor and Junior Team USA head coach Rod Ross and USBC Bronze Instructor training by USBC's Rich Williams, David Garber and Bill Monce.

    This USBC Silver Coaching Certification will allow them to teach Bronze coaching conferences and certify new USBC coaches in their home countries and regions.

    The coaches had to complete a test which consisted of two parts, video analysis and multiple choice, true-false and fill-in-the-blank questionnaire. To become a USBC Silver certified coach, each candidate must reach at least 80 per cent in each of the two parts.

    See below for the complete class during the test. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

    L-R Juliano Olivera and Marcio Viera, both Brazil

    L-R Paeng Nepomuceno, Philippines and Sandy Lowe, Canada

    L-R Magnus Johnsson, Sweden; Christer Backe, Sweden and Erik Garder, Brazil

    L-R William Woo, Singapore and Kim Eui Young, Korea

    L-R Thomas Tybl, Austria and Andres Gomez, Colombia

    L-R Pedro Merani, Argentina and Kazuhide Shimoji, Japan

    L-R Steve Innins, England; Ernesto Avila, Mexico and Daniel Falconi, Mexico

    L-R Holloway Cheah, Malaysia and Foong Tak Meng, Malaysia

    L-R Andrew Frawley, Jason Belmonte, both Australia and Cassidy Schaub, United States

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