Barrett starts 10th World Youth Championships with victory in Boys Singles


    2008 World Youth Championships

    Boardwalk Entertainment Center in Orlando, Florida, USA (July 18-26, 2008)

    2008WYCDominicBarrett.jpg 2008WYCFredrikTjernes_small.jpg Dominic Barrett (pictured left) from England won the first gold medal in the 10th World Youth Championships in Orlando, Florida, when he defeated Fredrik Tjernes, Norway, 211-191 to claim the title in the Boys Singles event.

    Barrett, who currently leads the (adult) European rankings, struck on his final four shots to force top seeded Tjernes strike out in his 10th frame to win by one pin.

    The Norwegian left a 10-pin standing on his first ball, which sealed his fate.

    2008WYCJaimeEduardoGonzalez_small.jpg 2008WYCIldemaroRuiz_small.jpg In the semi-finals Barrett ousted Jaime Eduardo Gonzalez (left); Colombia, 244-206, and Tjernes eliminated Ildemaro Ruiz (right), Venezuela, 194-151.

    Tjernes, who led the field of 194 boys from 54 countries after the six-game preliminaries, earned the silver medal while Gonzalez and Ruiz shared bronze.

    10th World Youth Championships - Boys Singles

    Championship Round:
    1. Dominic Barrett, England
    2. Fredrik Tjernes, Norway
    3. Jaime Eduardo Gonzalez; Colombia and Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela.

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final Match 1: #1 Tjernes def.. #4 Ruiz, 194-151
    Semi-final Match 2: #3 Barrett def. #2 Gonzalez, 244-206
    Title Match: #3 Barrett def. #1 Tjernes, 211-191.

    Interview with Dominic Barrett

    Courtesy of Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications

    Barrett cracks top 4 to make the Boys Singles finals in 10th World Youth Championships

    2008WYCDominicBarrett.jpg Dominic Barrett (pictured left) from England became the sole player from Squad 2, who made it to the finals of the Boys Singles event in 10th World Youth Championships, Saturday afternoon at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando, Fla. The current European ranking leader finished his 6-game block with 267 and 221 to move into third place in the overall standings with 1329.

    The feat came at the expense of Fidel Marchena, Dominican Republic, who was fourth after Squad 1. Marcheno finished sixth with 1297. Jun Oh Moon, Korea, fell 10 pins short of fourth place to end up fifth with 1300.

    2008WYCFredrikTjernes.jpg Fredrik Tjernes (right), Norway, lead the field of 194 boys from 54 countries with 1349 and an average of 224.83. He will meet Ildemaro Ruiz from Venezuela in the one-game semifinal. Ruiz finished fourth with 1310.

    Jaime Eduardo Gonzalez, Colombia, who was second with 1338, awaits Barrett in the other semi-final. The losers of the semi-final matches will tie for the bronze medal. The winners will determine the world champion in another one-game match.

    Standings after 6 games on long oil (Squad 1 and 2)

    The top 4 advance to the finals.

    Squad 1 results

    Standings after 6 of 6 games on long oil (Squad 2 only)