Germany in provisional pole position after Squad 2 has finished the Team preliminaries at Men's Worlds


    2008 MWC

    Malaysia, then Mexico break MWC record for one Team game

    2008MWCTeamGermany.jpg Germany is the surprise leader after the 26 5-player teams of Squad 2 have completed their six-game series in the Team event at the Men's World Championships 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Tobias Gäbler, David Canady, Marco Baade, Jens Nickel and Achim Grabowski (pictured with Kai Günther), who started the day as the second-best team of their squad and in 8th place overall with 2985 3-game total, rolled three consistent games, 1062, 1047 and 1051 (3160) on the short oil pattern (34 feet) to lead Squad 2 after six games with 6145 and an average of 204.83.

    Nickel, who won the bronze medal in All Events and silver in Doubles (with Grabowski) in the World Championships 2003, led the team with 1299. Gäbler and Canady both had 1266, Baade 1217 while Grabowski, the Masters runner-up at the MWC 2006 in Korea, had to settle for 1097.

    2008MWCTeamMalaysia.jpg The provisional pole position was a surprise for nearly everyone, who watched Malaysia and Mexico breaking the championship record for one team game in back-to-back games.

    Daniel Lim
    (232), Zulmazran Zulkifli (227), Adrian Ang (270), Aaron Kong (257) and Alex Liew (226) (pictured with Mohd Nur Aiman, who played in the first block) broke their own record set in 2006 in Korea (1175) on lanes 25/26 with 1212 (242.490 ave.).

    They could have cracked the 1300-bar in the first game but out of four players working on three, four, six and eight strikes, respectively, just Ang struck out in the 10th frame.

    However, the Malaysians, who started the day in 19th place with 2865 (191.00), 145 pins off the 4th place, were back in the race again. They added 1125 in game #5 but a sub-par 928 on lanes 33/34, the "jinx pair" as team Manager BC Cheah said, ended the Malaysian dreams from the finals. Germany and Colombia pulled past and Malaysia had to settle for third place with 6130 (204.33).

    2008MWCTeamColombia.jpg Colombians Jorge Otalora, Manuel Otalora, David Rivera, Jaime Monroy and Andres Gomez (pictured left) started with 1003 and 1051 but finished on the high-scoring lanes 25/26 and used the advantage to move into second place with a 1102 game and 6135 pinfall total (204.50).

    Venezuela with Luis Olivo, Eddy Fuentes, Richard Leon, Ildemaro Ruiz and Arturo Hernandez rolled games of 1066, 1054 and 1021 to land in fourth place with 6073.

    2008MWCTeamMexico.jpg Playing on the same pair (25/26) as Malaysia in game #1, Mexico set a new championship record in game #2.

    Marco Martinez (279), Daniel Falconi (220, with zero-6 in frame 10), Enrique Calvo (257), Benjamin Corona (255) and All Events leader Alejandro Cruz (229) (pictured left to right, plus Mario Garcia) felled 1240 pins, an average of 248.00, to beat the Malaysian score of 1212 by 28 pins.

    As they sandwiched the record score between two sub-par games, 966 and 980, the Mexicans finished fifth with 6069 (202.30) and are already out of the top 4 before the finals squad has started.

    Malaysia, Mexico and Colombia had a combined total of 3554 on lanes 25/26, an average of 236,93, 201 pins higher than the current championship record for three games, 3352, set by Malaysia in 2006.

    2008MWCTeamNorway.jpg Squad 1 with overnight leader Norway (pictured left) and second to fourth placed Finland, England, United States and Korea started the second and final 3-game block on short oil (34 feet) at 2 p.m.

    The top four teams after six games advance to the semifinals scheduled for Wednesday 7 p.m. The No. 1 seed will meet No. 4 and No. 2 takes on No. 3 in one-game matches with the winners meeting in the one-game title match immediately following. The semifinal losers will each receive bronze medals.

    Due to the political protests in Thailand, there will be no TV coverage of the Team finals.

    Squad 2 Results (after 6 games)