Günther, Williams, Sacco, Al-Anzi to bowl for Singles title at Men's World Championships 2008


    2008 MWC

    Bok-Eum, Page, Torgersen win gold, silver and bronze in All Events

    Basil Al-Anzi from Kuwait squeezed in the top 4 in the Singles preliminaries at the Men's World Championships in Thailand in the fifth and final squad. The Arab, who started with a high game of 266, finished with back-to-back 220s to become the fourth player who cracked the 1300-bar on the very tough long oil pattern at SF Strike Bowl Ngamwongwan.

    Once again the top 3 from Day One - Kai Günther, Germany (1317), 44-time PBA champion Walter Ray Williams Jr., United States (1316) and Francois Sacco, France (1310) - remained unchallenged but Al-Anzi took the fourth and final post to qualify for the one-game semi-finals.

    Al-Anzi's feat came at the expense of Squad 4 leader Peter Ljung, who slipped out of the finals to fifth place with 1295.

    European ranking leader Osku Palermaa, Finland, finished his block with just the second 700 series of the event (Darren Cundy, 717, had the other) but had to settle for 8th place with 1287. With 5205 24-game total, Palermaa missed the bronze medal in All Events by mere seven pins.

    2008MWCAllEventsTop3.jpg Two lefties, Choi Bok-Eum (center) from Korea and Team USA's Rhino Page (left), won gold and silver. Bok-Eum, the Korean lead-off player, rolled a 1247 series in Singles (24th place) to cruise to victory in All Events with 5285 and an average of 220.21.

    Page, the team USA anchor, who has won gold in Doubles and Team, was 67 pins behind in second place to earn his fourth medal of the championships and eighth overall with 5218 (217.42).

    Tore Torgersen (right), Norway, was the best right hander in the field and captured the bronze medal with 5212 (217.17).

    The top 16 players from All Events advanced to the Masters finals on Saturday. Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Patrick Allen took the 15th and 16th spot with 5072 (211.33) and 5067 (211.13) setting up their Round of 16 clashes with Bok Eum (vs. Allen) and Page (vs. Williams.

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