French Isabelle Saldjian and Francois Sacco win Mixed Doubles title


    2005 World Games

    Bowling Alley: Joe's Super Bowling in M√ɬľlheim on the Ruhr, Germany

    Mixed Doubles Championship Match - France def. Malaysia, 828-792

     French champions Isabelle Saldjian and Francois Sacco (pictured) used the momentum from the semi-final victory over Korea to defeat top seeded Malaysians Shalin Zulkifli and Zulmazran Zulkifli (no relationship), 828-792, over two games total pinfall en route to win the gold medal in Mixed Doubles in the 7th World Games in Germany. (Click on the picture to enlarge it).

    The French duo, that finished 8th in the 2001 World Games in Akita, Japan, held a 38-pin lead after the first match. 35-year-old Saldjian, who captured her 11th consecutive national title and 12th overall last month, felled 192 pins, while 2002 and 2003 French champion Sacco added 214 for 406.

    Shalin (190) and Zul (178), who combined for 368 in game#1 closed out the second games with three strikes each in the 10th frame to put some pressure on France with 424-pinfall and 792 overall. Saldjian, finishing first spared for 180. Working on a double, Sacco struck out for 242 to seal the victory.

    Final Standings:
    1st Place and World Games Champion - France
    2nd place and Winner of the Silver Medal - Malaysia
    3rd Place and Winner of the Bronze Medal - Korea.

    Mixed Doubles Semifinal Match - France def. Korea, 412-363

     French champions Isabelle Saldjian and Francois Sacco sidelined Singles leaders Kim Soo-Kyung and Kang Hee-Won with a 412-363 victory in the Mixed Doubles semifinal.

    The women topped the men as Saljian posted 211, while Kim shot the high game of 213. Sacco managed 201, while Kang, whose low score in this morning's Singles was 235, had a disappointing 150-game to hand the victory to the French on a silver plate.

    WG2005MAS.jpg The French will bowl No. 1 Malaysia with Shalin Zulkifli and Zulmazran Zulkifli (no relationship) for the title while the Koreans (pictured) had to settle for the bronze medal.