Austrian Event Award 2008 World Sports Festival wins the "Oscar" in Public Events Sport category


    Austrian Event Award 2008

     PDM Sports, organizer of the annual World Sports Festival in Austria, received one of the top honors in the 12th Austrian Event Award 2008 conducted in Salzburg, Austria.

    106 projects were targeting for the golden award in 10 different categories. The jury awarded the "Events Oscar" to PDM Sports and the World Sports Festival in the category "Public Events Sport".

    L-R Gerald Nestler (Managing Director PDM Schüler- und Studentenreisen GmbH), Marlies Alt (Executive Project Manager) and Matthias Kozel (Executive Project Manager). Click on the image to enlarge it.

     The World Sports Festival 2008 "More Than Just A Tournament" was staged from July 4-6, 2008 in Vösendorf, Lower Austria, Austria, and drew over 3,500 boys and girls from 21 countries, who participated in the 3-day event featuring nine sports with unique Olympic-like atmosphere. The bowling competition was organized by Wolfgang Lohschmid (Vienna Open) and took place at Brunswick Bowling Hernals in Vienna, Austria.

    Gerald Nestler, Managing Director of PDM Sports, was overwhelmed and proud. "I would like to say 'thank you' to my team and especially to all participating athletes in 2008. It was you who made this festival so unique and special and I would like to share this award with you. I hope to see you again at the World Sports Festival 2009."

    The 2009 World Sports Festival will run from July 9-12.

    Like last year the Bowling competition will be held at Brunswick Bowling Hernals in Vienna, Austria (July 9-12, 2009). Tournament organizer Wolfgang Lohschmid, well known as the organizer of the European Bowling Tour's Vienna Open, once again expects a large number of players from the United States and hopefully more players from Europe. Last year's WSF bowling tournament featured participants from the U.S., Hungary, Romania, England, Malta and even one player from Germany.

    The Bowling Championships at the World Sports Festival 2008 will feature two events: 4-player Mixed Teams and Singles both played with handicap.

    Mixed Team Event

    Teams will be made up of players from different countries, different age groups and different averages in order to form "balanced" teams. If the average is not available, the player will be seeded in group A.

    Group A: 190 and over - 0 handicap
    Group B: 189.9 to 175 - 5 handicap
    Group C: 174.9 to 160 - 10 handicap
    Group D: 159.9 to 145 - 15 handicap
    Group E: 144.9 and lower - 20 handicap.

    All teams will bowl four blocks of three games. Lanes will be changed after every game. The team on the left lane will move 10 lanes to the left and the team on the right lane will move 10 lanes to the right.

    This guarantees that each team bowls in the whole center and meets as many of the other teams as possible. Depending on the total number of participating teams, the event is scheduled for maximum 3 days. The winner will be the team with the highest pinfall total after 12 games including handicap.


    Divisions: Male and Female
    Age groups: 11-14 years (born January 1, 1995 and younger); 15-18 years (born January 1, 1991 and younger)

    The top 30 girls and the top 30 boys from each of the four age groups (based on the individual pinfall total including handicap from the team event) will qualify for the Singles Event. The pinfall total will be carried forward.

    All players bowl another 6 games. Lanes will be changed after every game. The top 4 girls and the 4 boys will advance to the stepladder finals. No. 4 bowls No. 3; the winner bowls No. 2; the winner bowls No. 1 for the title.

    For more information or to register for the event please contact Wolfgang Lohschmid via email or visit