USBC Coaches Summit 2009 kicks off in Las Vegas


    IBE 2009

    2009IBEUSBCCoachesSummit1.jpgOn Monday, hundreds of certified coaches, pro shop operators and bowling industry leaders congregated at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Convention Center to take part in the opening day of the 2009 USBC Coaches Summit, which helps kick off International Bowl Expo 2009.

    Monday's schedule of presentations spanned more than 10 hours, covering topics such as the mental game, training coaches to match bowling balls to the needs of individual bowlers, status updates on the construction of the International Training and Research Center, and much more.

    USBC Technical Director Steve Kloempken, right, takes a moment to share a laugh during one of Monday's presentations at the 2009 USBC Coaches Summit in Las Vegas.

    Those presentations were produced by some of the most well-respected names in the world of bowling, including USBC High Performance Director David Garber, Kegel's Del Warren and accomplished sports psychologist Dr. Dean Hinitz.

    The list of seminar attendees was equally distinguished, featuring several successful collegiate coaches and highly-respected members of the International Bowling Pro Shops and Instructors Association.

    2009IBEUSBCCoachesSummit2.jpgEach of the day's seminars covered a unique topic, but the unifying theme was that high-level research, continued education and ardent dedication from trained coaches is needed in order to service the needs of contemporary bowlers and help grow the sport into the future.

    Seminar participants take detailed notes to avoid missing any crucial information.

    There is still one more day's worth of presentations remaining at this year's Coaches Summit, but many participants have already deemed the event a rousing success.

    "This summit has been extremely productive," IBPSIA member Warren Friedl Jr. said. "We have learned a lot about the technical elements that will be part of the new training center, and we've seen how numbers can be used to support some of the information that coaches need to help their bowlers. All of this material will be really helpful."

    As head of the USBC Coaching team, Garber was pleased by the positive reaction to the material presented during Day 1.

    "I think today was a complete success," said Garber. "The presenters were informative and dynamic, and the audiences were engaged and very enthusiastic about what they were hearing. Overall, I think everyone involved walked away feeling good about what we accomplished today and are looking forward to tomorrow."