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    Updated with more information about the decisions made by the Congress

    WTBALogo_small.jpgThe World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) will join its men's and women's world championships every four years beginning in 2013, the WTBA Congress decided recently. The Congress was held after the Women's World Championships at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

    The WTBA World Championships will feature both men and women for the first time since the 2003 event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The WTBA will also continue to hold men's and women's world championships separately.

    In 2014, there will be a WTBA Men's World Championships and 2015 will feature a WTBA Women's World Championships. 2012 will be an "Off Year" as there will be no world championships.

    The joint championships will have a limited field of 36 women and 36 men teams (countries). Approximately one in three countries from each of the three zones - American, Asian and European - will take part, at the moment this means 16 countries from Europe, 11 from Asia and 9 from American zone. The definite distribution will be decided 1st January two years before the championship year. 2009WWCOCKevinDornberger.jpg

    "Each zone will independently determine which countries will compete, presumably through Zone Championships in the non-world championships year leading up to the joint event," WTBA President Kevin Dornberger (pictured right) said.

    Countries may have men and women teams as well as men or women teams only. Therefore the total number of countries participating in a Joint World Championship will be minimum 36 and maximum 72 countries.

    "Having our men and women compete together in the same venue every four years adds another level of excitement than when they are competing separately."

    The process for determining future sites for WTBA events was also changed by the WTBA Congress. Instead of exclusively awarding bids to member federations to host world events, cities or countries will also be able to bid starting with the 2013 joint world championships.

    "Allowing cities and countries to bid for our championships is a major step in the right direction," Dornberger said. "This allows for more commercial opportunities and opens the door for our events to garner more sponsorships and support from local communities."

    2009WTBA2ndVPCuizhiqiang.jpgIn other news, the WTBA Congress elected China's Cui Zhiqiang as second vice president of the organization. Marti Koedijk, Netherlands and Cathy Innes, Canada were elected as auditors for two years.

    Cui (pictured left) beat out Ponkuchamy Satkuna Nathan, Malaysia, who was aiming to re-enter the WTBA presidium through the back door, six years after he was forced to step down as WTBA President at the 2003 WTBA Congress in his own country Malaysia.

    Prior to the 2009 WTBA Congress, Nathan, still the president of the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress, insisted to attend the Team Managers Meeting of the 2009 WWC to announce that Malaysia was playing under protest.

    P.S. Nathan 3.jpgThe 75-year-old (right) also boycotted the Opening Ceremonies which was considered a sign of disrespect not only towards his own players but also towards the other 222 players from 44 WTBA member federations.

    The relief that Nathan failed to become elected was so great that delegates, who voted against Nathan, showed the victory sign while walking through Sunset Station.

    Cui, who is a newcomer in the WTBA presidium, has serviced as the vice president of the Chinese Bowling Association since 2004 and vice president of the Asian Bowling Federation since 2008. He also has been involved in other sports and currently is the vice president of the Chinese Rugby Union and was the former secretary general of the Chinese Golf Association.

    Upcoming WTBA World Championships

    2010 - Men's World Championships, Munich, Germany
    2011 - Women's World Championships, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    2012 - Off year
    2013 - Joint World Championships, TBD
    2014 - Men's World Championships, TBD
    2015 - Women's World Championships, TBD


    Among other decisions made by the 2009 WTBA Congress were:

    Oiling pattern at championships (Rule 4.6.2 – 4.6.8)
    The new rule says there are three oiling pattern categories from which two categories will be selected latest two months before a championship. In each category there are 3-4 patterns available on WTBA website on January 15 each year. The definite patterns within the two selected categories to be used during a championship will be publsihed at the team manager meeting.

    Number of bowling balls in championship (Rule 4.10.2 – 4.10.9)
    The new rule says that a maximum of six balls for each player will be permitted during a championship. A player can register less than six balls when the championship starts and then register more balls up to a total of 6 balls. No replacement of balls permitted.

    No smoking
    If a player is caught smoking during a game he/she will have zero pinfall for that game. If smoking between games within a block he/she will have zero pinfall in the succeeding game.

    Slow bowling (Rule 4.21.1)
    4.21.1 d) will be read as “A player is given 30 seconds from the moment the previous bowler steps down from the approach to the time the ball leaves the hand of the bowler” The proposed ”Double Jump” was not approved.

    Tie rule
    In case a tie exists in Single, Double, trios or Team event before the semifinals the highest positioned will be the player/team with the highest last game.

    WTBA Committees
    Onder Gurkan, Turkey is new co-chair for Technical/Coaching Committee as Magnus Johnson, Sweden, has resigned from that position. New members of Federation Development Committee are: Jose Guandique, El Salvador and Suwalai Satrulee, Thailand.

    New WTBA Member Federations
    At FIQ Congress 5 August the following new federations of WTBA were accepted as full members: Serbia, Tunisia and Uzbekistan. Two federations were reinstated: Nicaragua and Paraguay. At the moment WTBA has 112 member federations.

    Extra FIQ Congress
    In conjunction with World Men Championship in Munich, Germany in August next year there will be an Extra FIQ Congress. Definite date will be decided later.

    Next WTBA Presidium meeting
    The next WTBA Presidium meeting will be held February 26-27, 2010 in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain. Member federations that want to submit proposals which they wish to be considered by the Presidium have to send the proposals to WTBA Secretary General latest January 25, 2010.