46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup to be held in October in Zagreb, Croatia


    2010 BWC

    Bowling 300 Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia (Oct. 15-24, 2010)

    QubicaAMFLogo_mini.jpgAt the victory banquet of the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Melaka, Malaysia in November 2009 it was announced that the 2010 edition of one of bowling's most prestigious tournaments will be held in Zagreb, Croatia.

    QubicaAMF Worldwide, founder, organizer and principal sponsor of the Bowling World Cup and one of the largest bowling products companies in the world, has now confirmed that the 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held in the Croatian capital from Oct. 15-24, 2010.

    The center in Zagreb, known as Bowling 300 Zagreb, opened on December 18, 2009, and is the first project from investment company 300 d.o.o., which is planning to build additional QubicaAMF equipped centers in other major cities in Croatia. Bowling 300 Zagreb has 32 lanes and "will surely be a big hit in a country where bowling is still a new sport" according to tournament manager Anne-Marie Board.

    "This high-tech facility will be offering all visitors the best experience bowling can offer with QubicaAMF's latest BES Scoring, including touch screen monitors, XLi pinspotters, Superior Performance Lanes with automatic bumpers," Board added.

    "The center also features 4 lanes of QubicaAMF's Highway 66, a unique miniature bowling experience specially designed for young children, and a special VIP area with two large screens and private bar.

    Other facilities include eight billiard tables, restaurant and cocktail bar - and with a night club due to open shortly, Bowling 300 Zagreb is set to be one of the most happening places in Zagreb. Ideally placed, Bowling 300 Zagreb is just 15 minutes from Zagreb's international airport and is adjacent to City One, the most popular shopping mall in the city.

    Marko Macek, Chief Executive of Bowling 300 Zagreb had the joy of making that initial announcement in Melaka, said: "This is a landmark for bowling in Croatia and we are so pleased to bring the world's most prestigious tournament to Zagreb.

    "We know players, officials and guests will experience the vitality and vibrancy of a new sport in a new center, held in a new city which has great historic roots."

    QubicaAMF's Vice President Ron Wood said that with so many attractive options for the World Cup location, it can be difficult to make the selection but Croatia stood out as an exceptional destination: "The history and beauty of the country and their love for sport will undoubtedly make for a very bright future for bowling in the region."

    Croatia first took part in the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in 1995 when Franjo Katalenic was the representative, though the first Croatian woman to take party was Ljiljana Rakamaric in 2005. Marijan Valecic was the player in Melaka and he finished in 86th place.

    Anne-Marie Board commented: "The new center is very imposing and one of a number of major developments all over Zagreb. I am sure everyone will be impressed by the center and the vibrant city."

    Croatia, part of the former Yugoslavia until the 1990s, was internationally recognized as a sovereign independent state in 1992, and is now a candidate for membership of the European Union. It has striking natural beauty and its coast is a popular tourist destination. Zagreb's old town is a blend of Gothic and Baroque, while the modern city is growing apace.