9th World Youth Championships 2006



    Bowlingcenter Schillerpark in Berlin, Germany (July 21-30, 2006)

    The LIVE COVERAGE from the 9th World Youth Championships 2006 in Berlin, Germany is brought to you by EBONITE INTERNATIONAL, a bowling industry leader for almost 100 years, HAMMER BOWLING, an Ebonite brand, and DEXTER BOWLING, the leader in the bowling shoe industry.

    2006WYCLogo.jpgRecord 46 member federations of the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) with more than 250 players are scheduled to compete in the championships at 46-laner Schillerpark bowling center in Berlin, Germany, from July 21 through 30, 2006. This is the first time ever in the nine-year history of the World Youth Championships that the event will be held in Europe.

    The WYC 2006 are divided in two divisions - boys and girls. Each team consists of maximum four male and four female players, who must not have reached the age of 23 on January 1st, 2006.

    The players compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles (6 games on short oil), Doubles (6 games on long oil), Teams (6 games on dual lane condition), All Events (18 games) and Masters (single-elimination, best-of-five games).

    Use the left menu bar to view the participating countries that have sent us the names of the players, coaches and team managers.

    9th World Youth Championships 2006 - Schedule at a glance

    Friday July 21, 2006 Latest day of arrival, ball check
    Saturday July 22, 2006 Official Practice and Opening Ceremony
    Sunday July 23, 2006 Girls Singles on short oil
    Monday July 24, 2006 Boys Singles on short oil
    Tuesday July 25, 2006 Girls Doubles on long oil
    Wednesday July 26, 2006 Boys Doubles on long oil
    Thursday July 27, 2006 Girls and Boys Teams on short oil (games 1-3)
    Friday July 28, 2006 Girls and Boys Teams on long oil (games 4-6)
    Saturday July 29, 2006 Girls and Boys Masters and Farewell Banquet
    Sunday July 30, 2006 Departure

    Attention media: You will be charged 60 Euro (approx. $75) by the German Bowling Federation if you are planning to attend the Opening Ceremony and/or the Farewell Banquet or if you want to use the Shuttle Service. Note: All the hotels are in a walking distance from the bowling center.

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    Bulletin No. 3 (pdf file)