QubicaAMF selected as equipment provider for the 2011 Bowling U.S. Women's Open


    2011 U.S. Women's Open

    QubicaAMF will provide four lanes of equipment at Cowboys Stadium

    2011USWOLogo.jpgQubicaAMFLogo_mini.jpgQubicaAMF Worldwide, a leading manufacturer of bowling and amusement products, has announces that it has been selected as the bowling equipment supplier for the 2011 Bowling U.S. Women's Open.

    QubicaAMF will provide four lanes of equipment for the arena tournament including 90 XLi Pinspotters, SPL Lanes, Ball Returns, Foul Detectors, Masking Units and AMFlite II Pins. The event will be nationally televised on ESPN on July 2, 2011, from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and will be held in conjunction with the 2011 International Bowl Expo.

    Bowling's U.S. Women's Open is open to all female youth and adult bowlers in the United States. This will mark the first time in the history of the sport that a women's major professional bowling event will be held in a traditional sporting venue. The finals will be broadcast live on the stadium's famed 60-yard high definition video board.

    "We are excited to be able to provide the same lane surface throughout the entire event, from the tournament through the finals at Cowboys Stadium," says John Losito, Tournament Committee Chair, 2011 Bowling U.S. Women's Open.

    "This consistency of lane surface will provide an outstanding field of play for the bowlers and is key considering the importance and magnitude of this historic event. We are proud to partner with QubicaAMF for the equipment and are looking forward to an exciting finals at Dallas Cowboys Stadium."

    "QubicaAMF is extremely proud to be a part of the 2011 Bowling U.S. Women's Open. The rapid growth in the number of young, female bowlers in the U.S. is very exciting with over 25 million women bowling annually," states John Walker, CEO of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

    "We are committed to work with the BPAA to make this event a success, to promote the sport of bowling and keep bowling as the largest participatory sport in the U.S."

    BPAA recently reported a continuing annual increase in consumer participation with 71.1 million people having bowled between April 2009 and March 2010 (the fourth consecutive year of industry growth) due, in large part, to heightened interest from women and younger bowlers. The BPAA also reported that, during that same time period, bowling generated a $10 billion impact on the U.S. economy.


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