WTBA Congress 2011 scheduled for September 12 and 14 in Hong Kong


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    WTBA Presidium to propose Singles World Championship starting in 2012; Host wanted!

    2011WTBALogo.jpgThe World Tenpin Bowling Association has announced the dates for the WTBA and FIQ Congresses. The WTBA Congress will be held September 12 and 14, 2011 in Hong Kong with the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) Congress will be held on Sept. 13. Both events will follow immediately to the Women's World Championships.

    The reason for having the WTBA Congress split into two days is because the FIQ did not accept to have their Congress the day before WTBA Congress.

    There is a proposal to re-organize the FIQ and if that proposal will be approved, there are needs for changes in WTBA Statutes as a consequence. Because of that the WTBA Congress needs another day after the FIQ Congress.

    There was already a proposal from WTBA and the World Ninepin Bowling Association (WNBA) Presidents to the Extra FIQ Congress in Munich, Germany in 2010. That proposal was denied to be discussed by the FIQ President Jessie Phua, Singapore, despite a great majority among the member federations wanted to have it discussed.

    The agenda and all documents for the WTBA Congress 2011 will be sent by email to all member federations no later than July 12.

    All proposals to be discussed at the WTBA Congress 2011 as well as nominations for the position of WTBA President and for the two positions of WTBA Vice Presidents must be sent to WTBA Secretary General Christer Jonsson, Sweden (christer.jonsson@swebowl.se) no later than June 12.

    The incumbent WTBA President Kevin Dornberger, United States, has - in accordance to the WTBA statutes - informed he intends to run for re-election. The two incumbent Vice Presidents, Bernard Pujol, France, and Cui Zhi Qiang, China, have informed they will not seek re-election.

    The WTBA Presidium once again reminds all its member federations that the deadline to return the entry form for the 2011 Women's World Championships in Hong Kong (Sept. 2-11, 2011) is June 30, 2011.


    WTBA Presidium to propose Singles World Championship starting in 2012

    At the 2011 WTBA Congress, the WTBA Presidium will propose to install a Singles World Championship starting in 2012.

    Due to the combined (men and women) World Championships in 2013 there will be no adult World Championship in 2012 and every years from then on. To avoid a year without any adult World Championship is the main reason for the proposal.

    The proposal suggests that the Singles World Championship will be open for all federations to participate with maximum two players of each gender. If the proposal will be approved by the Congress it is also proposed that the first time this new championship will be held should be in the year 2012 - if a host can be found and presented in Hong Kong.

    Therefore the WTBA Presidium invites all interested parties to contact WTBA President Kevin Dornberger (president@worldtenpinbowling) or Secretary General Christer Jonsson as soon as possible. The minimum size of the bowling center to host the Singles World Championship is 20 lanes. The preliminary dates are September, 24-30, 2012.


    Qualifying for the 2013 World Championships

    During the 2009 WTBA Congress it was decided that the 36 men and women teams for the 2013 World Championships shall be decided in relation to the number of member federations in good standing for each zone (PABCON, ABF, ETBF) as of January first two years prior to the year of the championship.

    The WTBA Presidium has now discussed the issue and will propose a small change at 2011 WTBA Congress. The proposed change is that the host country always is qualified with a men and a women team.

    The remaining 35 spots will then be distributed among the zones in relation to the number of member federations in each zone. If this will be approved by the 2011 Congress the number of teams/federations in each gender for 2013 World Championship in Henderson, Nevada, USA will be as follows:

    • Pan American Bowling Confederation (American Zone) - 8 plus the host country United States
    • Asian Bowling Federation (Asian Zone) - 12
    • European Tenpin Bowling Federation (European Zone) - 15

    It is up to each zone to decide how the qualifying will be organized.