Golden Wednesday for Korea; follow the gold medal in Singles with victory in Trios


    2015 WWC

    In the second Korea vs. Singapore title match of the day, Son Hyerin, Kim Jinsun and Baek Seungja defeat Cherie Tan, Shayna Ng and New Hui Fen, 695-594; England and USA share bronze



    The medalists in the Trios event at the 2015 Women's World Championships: From top right, counterclockwise Korea (gold), Singapore (silver), United States and England (both bronze).

    2015WWCTriosFinalsKorea2.jpg2015WWCTriosFinalsSingapore.jpgSon Hyerin, Baek Seungja and Kim Jinsun (pictured left, l-r) followed in the footprints of Singles World Champion Jeon Eunhee and earned the second gold medal for Korea at the Women's World Championships in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with victory in the Trios finals.

    In the second title match of the day between the two Asian power houses, the Koreans topped Cherie Tan, Shayna Ng and New Hui Fen (right, l-r) of Singapore, 695-594.

    It was the second gold medal in a World Championship for Seungja after the victory in the team event in 2013, and the first for rookies Hyerin and Jinsun.

    The Koreans lead the medal tally with two gold and one bronze while Singapore owns two silver and a bronze medal.

    Hyerin, Jinsun and Seungja each struck on the first shot in the finale to take an early lead and never looked back. The threesome bowled an almost error-free game (Jinsun had the lone open in the 9th frame when the match was already decided) and widened their lead frame-by-frame.

    Seungja struck nine-times for 255 and was followed by Hyerin with 237 and Jinsun with 203. Ng bowled the lone clean game on the Singaporean side, when the gutter ball on her last shot doesn't count.



    It marks the second time in as many events at this Championships that the top qualifier won the gold medal, so the leader's curse is definitely not intact in in Abu Dhabi.

    The higher seeded teams had the advantage to choose the oil pattern, the 36 ft. "short" Los Angeles pattern or the 43 ft. "long" Tokyo pattern. All three matches were played on short oil.

    2015WWCTriosFinalsUSA.jpgIn the semi-final matches the top-seeded Korea clashed with former World Champions Shannon Pluhowsky, Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick (pictured left, l-r) from the United States of America.

    It was nip and tuck through the whole game and the match came down to the 10th frame. Hyerin (248) and Jinsun (199) gave the Koreans a 36-pin lead over Pluhowsky (196) and Kulick (215). Working on double, Johnson delivered three strikes for 215 to force Korean anchor bowler Seungja, who had an open in the 9th frame, to get 20 pins in her last frame to win by one pin.

    2015WWCTriosFinalsEngland.jpgAnd that was exactly what she did. She struck on her first shot and then converted a single-pin spare to escape with a 627-626 win.

    In the other semi-final match, Lisa John, Danni Hopcroft and Jo Allsebrook (pictured right, l-r, with coach Jon Zadel, front right) of England were unable to match the vigorous pace they maintained during the second block of the preliminaries (on long oil) yesterday evening, which propelled them into third place.

    Allsebrook was the only player on the team with a clean game, but she had only one strike on her fill ball for 188. Hopcroft led the way with 200, while Jon contributed 179.

    The Singaporean bowlers struck each struck three times in the first four frames to pull away early and never looked back. Hui Fen (247) carried her team mates Tan (183) and Ng (195) to a 625-567 win to advance to the title match. England and USA shared the bronze medal.

    2015WWCLogo.jpg The 2015 Women's World Championships will be held from December 5-14 at Khalifa International Bowling Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    147 players from 30 countries will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Trios, five-player Teams, All-Events and Masters in the seven-day competition.

    In accordance with the WTBA Playing Rules, the 2015 Women's World Championships will be contested on two lane conditioning pattern, the 36 ft. Los Angeles pattern and the 43 ft. Tokyo pattern.

    2014BowlTVLogo_small.jpg BowlingdigitalBanner.gif will provide onsite coverage of the 2015 Women's World Championships from Khalifa International Bowling Center in Abu Dhabi including reports, photos and results, while bowling fans around the world will be able to watch all qualifying rounds, semifinals and finals live on BowlTV.


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    2015 Women's World Championships - Trios Medal Round

    Khalifa International Bowling Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE (December 9, 2015)

    Championship Round:
    1. Korea (Son Hyerin, Kim Jinsun, Baek Seungja), 1322 (2 games)
    2. Singapore (Cherie Tan, Shayna Ng, New Hui Fen), 1219 (2 games)
    3. England (Danni Hopcroft, Jo Allsebrook, Lisa John), 567 (1 game) and
    United States (Shannon Pluhowsky, Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson), 626 (1 game)

    Pictured above left to right: Son Hyerin, Baek Seungja and Kim Jinsun.

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final Match 1:
    No. 1 Korea (Hyerin 248, Jinsun 199, Seungja 180) def.
    No. 4 USA (Pluhowsky 196, Kulick 215, Johnson 215), 627-626
    Semi-final Match 2:
    No. 2 Singapore (Tan 183, Ng 195, Hui Fen 247) def.
    No. 3 England (Hopcroft 200, Allsebrook 188, John 179), 625-567
    Gold Medal Match:
    Korea (Hyerin 237, Jinsun 203, Seungja 255) def.
    Singapore (Tan 180, Ng 221, Hui Fen 193), 695-594.