Denmark beats Netherlands to win Team gold at Women's European Championships


    2010 WEC

    Dane Rikke Holm Rasmussen captures All Events title

    2010WECTeamDenmark.jpgThe women from Denmark (pictured left with coach Christer Backe) secured two gold medals on the penultimate day of competition in the 3rd Women's European Championships Friday at Zelta Boulinga Center in Riga, Latvia.

    Britt Brondsted, Kamilla Kjeldsen, Mai Ginge Jensen, Anja Ginge Jensen, Rikke Holm Rasmussen and Sascha Wedel won the title in the five-player Team event while Rasmussen finished atop the leaderboard in All Events.

    2010WECTeamNetherlands.jpgThe Danish women posted the field-best 3330 3-game series on long oil to earn the No. 2 seed for the playoffs with 6642 pinfall total or an average of 221.40 over six games.

    The Netherlands (right) with Lisanne Breeschoten, Ghislane van der Tol, Bianca Wiekeraad, Priscilla Maaswinkel, Nicole Sanders and Wendy Kok, who led after the first block on short oil earned the top seed with 6693 (223.10) behind the second-best series on Friday (3257).

    2010WECTeamEngland.jpgIn the semifinals, the Dutch women eliminated No. 4 England (left with coach Chris Buck) with Nicki Ainge, Laura Ivory, Lisa John, Jemma Smith, Hayley White and Faye Elkington, 1100-1014, to advance to the championship match. England leaped one place during the second block to beat out Germany for the 4th place by 53 pins, 6363-6310.

    2010WECTeamSweden.jpgIn the other semifinal match, the Danes topped 3rd seeded Sweden (right) with Sandra Andersson, Nina Flack, Helen Johnsson, Rebecka Larsen, Joline Persson Planefors and Victoria Johansson, 1056-1024.

     The Dutch, who had a high series of 1208 and a low series of 1046 in the preliminaries, and the Danes, who had a high series of 1158 and a low series of 1042, both rolled their lowest game in the title match. The Danes however, managed to crack the 1000-bar while the Dutch had five games between 154 and 189, to wrap up the title with a 1009-884 victory.

    Netherlands had to settle for the silver medal while Sweden and England shared the bronze medal. L-R Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and England. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Rikke Holm Rasmussen posted the second-highest 1403 series (233.33 average) in the Team event to earn the gold medal in All Events (combined results of Doubles, Trios and Team) with 5466 pinfall total and an average of 227.75 over 24 games. Her team mate, Mai Ginge Jensen, used a 1406 series to grab the silver medal with 5448 (227.00). Bronze went to Krista Pöllänen, Finland, with 5441 (226.71).

    The top 24 of the All Events standings advanced to the best-of-three games Masters finals, which will conclude the Women's European Championships on Saturday. Hannele Impola, Finland, took the 24th and final spot to advance with 5011 total or an average of 208.79.


    3rd Women's European Championships 2010 - Team Finals

    Championship Round:
    1. Denmark (Britt Brondsted/Kamilla Kjeldsen/Mai Ginge Jensen/Anja Ginge Jensen/Rikke Holm Rasmussen/Sascha Wedel)
    2. Netherlands (Wendy Kok/Lisanne Breeschoten/Ghislane van der Tol/Bianca Wiekeraad/Priscilla Maaswinkel/Nicole Sanders)
    3. Sweden (Sandra Andersson/Nina Flack/Victoria Johansson/Helen Johnsson/Rebecka Larsen/Joline Persson Planefors)
    (tie) England (Nicki Ainge/Faye Elkington/Laura Ivory/Lisa John/Jemma Smith/Hayley White)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1: #1 Netherlands (Lisanne Breeschoten 236/Ghislane van der Tol 212/Bianca Wiekeraad 232/Priscilla Maaswinkel 214/Nicole Sanders 206) def.
    #4 England (Nicki Ainge 231/Laura Ivory 174/Lisa John 203/Jemma Smith 207/Hayley White 199), 1100-1014
    Semifinal Match 2: #2 Denmark (Britt Brondsted 191/Kamilla Kjeldsen 235/Mai Ginge Jensen 208/Anja Ginge Jensen 187/Rikke Holm Rasmussen 235) def.
    #3 Sweden (Sandra Andersson 255/Nina Flack 226/Helen Johnsson 178/Rebecka Larsen 181/Joline Persson Planefors 184), 1056-1024
    Championship: Denmark (Britt Brondsted 182/Kamilla Kjeldsen 195/Mai Ginge Jensen 210/Anja Ginge Jensen 239/Rikke Holm Rasmussen 183) def.
    Netherlands (Lisanne Breeschoten 189/Ghislane van der Tol 180/Bianca Wiekeraad 154/Priscilla Maaswinkel 173/Nicole Sanders 188), 1009-884.


    Team - Standings after preliminaries

    6 games, first block of three games on short oil, the second block on long oil. The top 4 advance to the playoffs.

    Team High Game/High Series:
    1 Game: 1208 - Wendy Kok/Lisanne Breeschoten/Ghislane van der Tol/Bianca Wiekeraad/Priscilla Maaswinkel, Netherlands
    3 Games: 3436 - Wendy Kok/Lisanne Breeschoten/Ghislane van der Tol/Bianca Wiekeraad/Priscilla Maaswinkel, Netherlands
    6 Games: 6636 - Wendy Kok/Lisanne Breeschoten/Ghislane van der Tol/Bianca Wiekeraad/Priscilla Maaswinkel/Nicole Sanders, Netherlands

    Individual High Game/High Series:
    1 Game: 299 - Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands
    3 Games: 789 - Wendy Kok, Netherlands
    6 Games: 1406 - Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark


    All Events - Final Standings

    The top 24 players advance to the Masters finals.