General Information


    2007 Men's European Championships

    Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria (June 30 - July 10, 2007)

    The Bowling Center

    Name: Plus Bowlinghalle
    Address: 1170 Vienna, Beheimgasse 5 – 7
    Phone: +43.1.405 63 20
    Fax: +43.1.405 63 20 20
    Number of lanes: 32
    Viewing capacity: 200
    General description: Well known bowling center in the western part of the city of Vienna, host center for many international events in the past 20 years.

    The Lanes

    Surface: Active
    Pindecks: Active
    Approach: Active
    Pinspotters: Brunswick A2
    Pins: Twister white/red

    The Lane Maintenance

    Lane maintenance: Kegel
    Lane Conditioner: Kegel< Lane Cleaner: Kegel
    Lane dressing procedure: The lanes will be totally stripped and oiled before every squad of each event. The length of the oil pattern will be published in Bulletin No. 2.

    The Bowling Balls

    The only bowling balls which will be allowed to use in the competition are those on the latest "USBC approved bowling balls" list, published before July 2007.