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Maki leaves USBC Coaching to co-own bowling center

Garber, Wunderlich assume interim leadership duties

2006USBCBobMaki.jpg DavidGarber_small.jpg Director of the United States Bowling Congress Coaching Program Bob Maki (l.) has resigned his position to become a co-owner of Alpine Lanes in Muskego, Wis. Team USA High Performance Director David Garber (r.)and Director of USBC Sport Bowling Steve Wunderlich will jointly assume leadership of USBC Coaching on an interim basis. Maki was instrumental in advancing many aspects of the USBC Coaching certification program since he took over the leadership post in 2002.

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USBC unveils Online Bowling Coaching Course

USBCCoachingLogo.jpg Prospective bowling coaches may now earn their certification with the United States Bowling Congress right at their computers. Those wishing to teach new and lower level bowlers can complete USBC's introductory level coaching course - called Level One - online on USBC Coaching has created text and video for the Level One online course that will take about three to five hours to complete.

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Two-handed approach example of versatility, athleticism of young athletes

By Cary Pon, USBC Manager of Coaching Certification

USBCCoachingLogo.jpg These are dynamic times for bowling. As the sport enters a new era, young athletes aren’t afraid to try different styles and techniques. One of these styles is the two-handed approach delivery, which has been quietly developing for approximately the last 15 years. Bowling is just beginning to see athletes who started bowling as two-handers as preschoolers now in their late teens and early 20s making their marks. Through this article – which includes several videos of young bowlers who use the two-handed approach delivery – bowling enthusiasts can develop an understanding of what makes this style successful.

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Ebonite International reaches 100% bowling coaching certification level

Entire sales team becomes a minimum of Bronze Level Certified

EboniteLogo_mini.jpg Just two short years ago, Ebonite International made a commitment to the bowling industry that every person on its sales and marketing staff who bowls would become a certified coach. The company is now proud to announce that 100% of its sales staff has reached a minimum of Bronze level certification, including the new District Sales Managers who joined Ebonite International earlier this summer.

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Two-handed bowling: the sport's next revolution?

Unconventional style a growing trend with athletes

USBCCoachingLogo.jpg Athletes over the years have experimented to gain an edge in their sports.
In the 1960s, track and field star Dick Fosbury invented a new technique by rolling over the bar backwards. The "Fosbury Flop" was so successful that it became the standard method for high jumpers.
The sport of bowling also has pioneers. Today, many young athletes worldwide are shunning the traditional one-handed style and using two hands to swing and deliver the ball



USBC summit suggests volunteers want to help promote bowling

More than 200 state, local leaders attend session in Milwaukee

USBCLogoRed_small.jpg If there was a common theme expressed by the more than 200 USBC local and state association leaders who gathered Sept. 28-30 for the inaugural USBC Summit in Milwaukee, it was a desire to spend more time helping promote the sport and less time on non-productive administrative issues. USBC's national leadership invited state and local association leaders to attend an open exchange of ideas intended to develop a clearer picture of roles and responsibilities each level of leadership should assume in the future if bowling is to realize its vision of growth.

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Starting soon: ABF Coach Accreditation Program Level II Course

ABF President Sheikh Talal pays almost everything for the 4-day course Sep. 24-27

Sheik_Talal_Mohammed_Al-Sabah_4578.jpg Vivien_Fung_4382.jpg ABF President Sheikh Talal M. Al Sabah of Kuwait (l.) has started a new "Coach Accreditation Program" for the ABF member federations. The first Level II Course will be held from Sep. 24-27 in Hong Kong.  According to Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Chairman and ABF Honorary Life President, Vivien Fung (r.), federations representatives from the Philippines, Macau, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand have already registered.

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Do certain styles have an advantage? House versus Sport Bowling patterns

Originally printed in Bowling This Month magazine

USBCSportBowlingLogo.jpg "He has the whole lane. I am splitting boards out there. The crankers have the advantage."
Virtually every bowler can easily identify the above phrases as something they may have said or something that was directed to them while they were bowling. Recent USBC research compared a Sport Bowling oil pattern to a standard house pattern for these styles of bowlers (stroker, tweener, cranker.)

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Asian Bowling Federation to start a new "Program for Coach Accreditation"

ABF President Sheikh Talal will personally launch and sponsor the program in September

ABFLogo_small.jpg Sheik_Talal_Mohammed_Al-Sabah_4578.jpg Asian Bowling Federation President Sheikh Talal M. Al Sabah of Kuwait (pictured right) has started a new "Program for Coach Accreditation" for the ABF member federations. Sheikh Talal will launch the first Coach Accreditation Program Level II in September in Hong Kong and has announced that he will personally sponsor the program by paying all expenses for the course conductors.



Singapore Bowling Federation officially launches Center of Excellence for Bowling program

SingaporeBowlingLogo_small.jpg The Singapore Bowling Federation will officially launch the Center of Excellence (COE) for Bowling program at Orchid Bowl at SAFRA Yishunon on Monday, 13 August 2007 at 4.30pm. The COE program is set up in partnership with MILO. The aim of the COE program is to guide, nurture and develop young talents to be the next bowling champions like Grace Young or Remy Ong.

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Training facility to be built at USBC Headquarters

Public can take advantage of state-of-the-art training center beginning in April 2008

USBCLogoRed_small.jpg Athletes soon will have the opportunity to vastly improve their bowling game with the construction of a state-of-the-art, eight-lane training center, scheduled to open in April 2008 on the grounds of United States Bowling Congress Headquarters. The USBC Training Facility, which will be a stand-alone building located adjacent to the current USBC Research Facility, will feature CATS (Computer Aided Tracking System), Ebonite BowlersMAP software and other training technology currently being developed by USBC.

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USBC announces plans to address coaching activity issues

USBC continues to offer global opportunities to other FIQ member federations

2006USBCBobMaki.jpg In response to feedback indicating a shortage of coaches actively teaching in bowling centers and the absence of tools to measure the activity level of coaches, Director of United States Bowling Congress Coaching Bob Maki (pictured) has announced an action plan. "We have an aggressive plan to execute, but once it is accomplished it will allow us to measure results and identify coaches who are contributing to the growth of our sport," Maki said.



Filipino finds success after attending USBC Level 1 and Bronze seminars

2007PHIBonnieSolis_small.jpg Bonnie Solis, a former Philippines national team member and a former national team coach, rolled two 300 games in two different centers in a span of only five days. Solis shot the first perfecto in the Monday league at Powerbowl on July 2nd, mere two days after he attended the "USBC Level 1" seminar of Philippine legend Paeng Nepomuceno on June 30th and another one after the first day of Nepomuceno's "USBC Bronze Level" seminar on July 7th.

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Bowling as a sport is top of mind in Las Vegas

Bowl Expo attendees learn competition remains important as entertainment aspects grow

IBE2007Logo_small.jpg While all who attended International Bowl Expo 2007 already knew that more people were choosing bowling as a form of entertainment, they all agreed that bowling as a competitive sport remains vital to the industry's success. From United States Bowling Congress and Bowling Proprietors Association of America leaders to others in the industry, in small groups and large, that message came across loud and clear. And all those leaving the Mandalay Bay Convention Center clearly understood that they will play a vital role in helping bowling return to its roots as a recognized sport.

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Coaching/pro shop summit concludes

USBCCoachingLogo.jpg Bowling coaches, pro shop operators and proprietors from around the world learned and networked at the 2007 USBC Coaches Summit and International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association Educational Conference which concluded its two-day run today at Mandalay Bay. Several leading bowling industry figures presented a host of seminars offering strategies to help coaches, pro shop operators and proprietors improve their own businesses and foster effective relationships between the three key groups in the sport of bowling.

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Solving the mysteries of the two-handed approach delivery

By Cary M. Pon, USBC Coaching Manager Coach Development and Certification

CaryPonP7CassidyStepA_small.jpg For bowling purists, the thumbless and two-handed approach deliveries definitely falls outside the realm of accepted standards for bowling. Human nature tends to not accept what is different or what cannot be easily understood. If bowling is to flourish, the bowling community must take time to learn and understand why these styles are effective. Before discussing the mechanics of these two styles, the style of bowling commonly referred to as “two-handed delivery” must be more accurately labeled.



Interview with Ted Thompson of Kegel

Republished courtesy of (June 3, 2007)

Ted, firstly can you explain to use your role in Kegel?
ColumnistTedThompson_small.jpg For the past three years my main role has been supporting the Kegel distribution network throughout Europe. Just recently however Kegel has shifted that responsibility to Kegel Master Technician Don Agent. I have also been the liaison with the European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) and their highly successful European Bowling Tour (EBT) which I will continue to do as well as some other sporting responsibilities.



Nepomuceno holds his first international coaching seminar in Manila

22 coaches receive Level 1 or Bronze Level Certification

2007PaengUSBCCertificationNo2_small.jpg Four-time World Cup champion Paeng Nepomuceno (back row, third from the left), a USBC certified coach and USBC Ambassador, just finished his first international coaching seminar (Level 1 and Bronze Level Certification) at the Pearl Bowling Center in Manila, Philippines from May 29-31. Working together with international coaches was a new experience, even for Paeng, who has won more than 100 international titles in his illustrious career.



USBC Ambassador Paeng Nepomuceno holds groundbreaking coaching seminar

2007ESMCPaengNepomuceno_small.jpg Philippine bowling legend Paeng Nepomuceno, who teamed up with the United States Bowling Congress to grow and promote the sport around the world as a USBC certified coach and USBC Ambassador, held his groundbreaking seminar at Paeng's Eastwood Bowl from May 21-23. Among the first batch of USBC Bronze Level accredited coaches who successfully completed Paeng's "USBC Certification Seminar for Coaches" was a great mix of national coaches and national youth coaches as well as a member of the Philippine National Team.

USBC Equipment Specifications and Certification


Two-handed delivery requires new look at USBC rules

By Jeff Henry, USBC Rules Department

2007PAGCassidySchaub_small.jpg The emergence and growing popularity of what is known as the "two-handed" delivery in bowling has caused the USBC to consider its impact on the rules and application of the sport's specifications. How does this style affect USBC rules related to a legal delivery? Do players violate the rules if they switch styles and throw at spares or their first deliveries in the more traditional one-handed approach? And does the style affect the application of specifications related to balance of the bowling ball and/or the allowance and use of the gripping holes?

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