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Kim Terrell-Kearney named to Team USA coaching staff

2009WWCCKimTerrellKearney2_small.jpgUSBCRodRossITCHeadCoach_small.jpgThree-time Team USA member Kim Terrell-Kearney (pictured left) of Grand Prairie, Texas, has been named assistant head coach of the Team USA program. Terrell-Kearney, who will be inducted into the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in May, will work alongside Team USA head coach Rod Ross (right). Both coaches will also oversee the Junior Team USA program.



Márcio Vieira ends long draught for Brazilian coaches

Holds first Bronze level clinic in Rio de Janeiro since 2003

2009VieiraBronzeClinicBrazil2_small.jpgUSBC Silver coach Márcio Vieira (far right) has completed the first Bronze Certification Seminar held by a Brazilian coach. It was a "long winter" for Brazilian coaches since the last clinic was held by former Team USA head coach Fred Borden back in 2003. Vieira, a long-time Brazilian national team member, who has won more than 30 medals in South American Games along with 5 national titles and a Masters Gold in 2002, had selected seven students for his first bronze clinic (pictured).



Bowling on the rise in Italy under Tenpin Association President Sattanino


Italy has not fared well at international bowling competitions in recent years, but that is about to change under the leadership of Italy's new Tenpin Bowling Association President, Alessandro Sattanino . Sattanino, a university professor and an avid bowler himself, recently invited USBC Director of International Relations Bill Hoffman, USBC Gold coach Frank Buffa, and PBA Hall of Famer Del Ballard Jr. to exchange ideas on how to grow the sport of bowling in Italy.

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Donald Armstead named USBC David Dahms Coach of the Year award recipient

2009CotYDonArmstead_small.jpgDonald Armstead of Philadelphia has been selected to receive the 2010 USBC David Dahms Coach of the Year Award. Named in honor of David Dahms, who was an instrumental leader in the creation of what is now known as the USBC Junior Gold program, the award annually recognizes a USBC-certified coach who has been actively involved in a USBC Youth program and has demonstrated outstanding commitment to coaching, sportsmanship and knowledge of USBC Youth rules for the last seven or more years.

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ITRC to stand as bowling's elite training ground for bowlers, coaches and pro shop professionals

2009ITRCbowlingselitetrainingground_small.jpgUpon completion, the International Training and Research Center (ITRC) will serve many important functions within bowling world. All of those functions are of great importance, but one of the facility's most impressive distinctions is its status as bowling's elite training ground. That distinction will be made quite clear thanks to the Olympic rings, which will be proudly displayed on the side of the ITRC, setting it apart as the only bowling facility in the country to feature the rings.

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Inside the ITRC with Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney

USBCRodRossITCHeadCoach_small.jpg2009WWCCKimTerrellKearney2_small.jpgAs the countdown to the grand opening of the International Bowling Campus continues, readers will hear directly from some of the men and women who will work inside the International Training and Research Center on a day-to-day basis. This week, Rod Ross (l.), Head Coach, ITRC, and Kim Terrell-Kearney (r.), Assistant Head Coach, ITRC, weigh in on how ITRC coaching programs will benefit USBC members, elite bowlers/teams and the sport of bowling as a whole.

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USBC Coaching expertise to grow through use of International Training and Research Center

20091125ITRCConstruction_small.jpgThe USBC Coaching department employs some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected coaches the sport of bowling has to offer. That is one of the many reasons why USBC is looked upon as the world leader in bowling coaching and technology. But despite already being in possession of a vast bank of bowling knowledge, the USBC Coaching department is always striving to learn more. That is where the International Training and Research Center (ITRC) comes in.

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USBC coaches partner with Tenpin Bowling Association of France

20091124USBCClinicinFrance_small.jpgThe American dominance on the sport's international stage is no longer taken for granted. The list of nations that are emerging as perennial forces at world championship events includes Finland, Sweden, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and others. But there is a European nation which, according to some of the most respected coaches in the sport today, may soon count itself among the world's most formidable bowling talents: France.

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Inside the ITRC with USBC Technical Director Steve Kloempken

USBCTDSteveKloempken_small.jpgAs the countdown to the grand opening of the International Bowling Campus continues, readers will hear directly from some of the men and women who will work inside the International Training and Research Center on a day-to-day basis. This week, USBC Technical Director Steve Kloempken (pictured), the leader of the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team, weighs in on how the ITRC will benefit his expert staff, USBC members and the sport of bowling as a whole.

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Class on how to coach two-handed bowlers well-received

USBCCoachingLogo.jpgWith more and more bowlers taking to the lanes with two hands like Australian sensation Jason Belmonte, the coaches at USBC have recognized the need to train other coaches to be able to help these players and facilitate their growth and improvement. USBC Coaching recently hosted its first three-hour class with a curriculum designed entirely around the two-handed game. The class was held in conjunction with The Next Revolution event at AMF Euless Lanes near Dallas on Nov. 8.



Coaching seminar in El Salvador a huge success

20091026ClinicElSalvador_small.jpgParticipants from nineteen countries in the American zone (pictured) met for a coaching seminar sponsored by the Olympic Committee of El Salvador and Kegel October 26-30. The five-day event covered a broad range of topics designed to educate and aid coaches with the details of running their teams. This program is part of an ongoing mission to develop and support the coaches and teams of PABCON in the sport of bowling.

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The Next Revolution hits Houston

2007USBCOCBillLillard_small.jpg200910PBAJasonBelmonte_small.jpgUSBC Hall of Famer Bill Lillard (l.) has seen the sport of bowling grow and evolve over the last six decades, and this weekend, he helped usher The Next Revolution, a USBC event, into Houston's Copperfield Bowling Center. The 8-time champion at the USBC Open Championships and PBA charter member and a center full of bowling fans got their first up-close look at Australian sensation Jason Belmonte (r.) and his unique two-handed bowling style.

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International Training and Research Center will benefit all of bowling

20091107CampusConstruction_small.jpgUpon completion, the International Training and Research Center will stand as the premier research and elite-training facility the sport of bowling has to offer. As such, it will be an invaluable resource to entities such as the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications department, Team USA, Junior Team USA and international bowling teams from World Tenpin Bowling Association countries; however, the benefits of the ITRC will extend far beyond the groups listed above.



Brunswick to conduct a series of seminars all over Europe in November

Seminars combine lane maintenance and ball dynamics

2009BrunswickSeminarsBanner_small.jpgThe biggest area of confusion in the modern game of bowling is ball selection and matching up to different lane conditions. Brunswick has recognized this and put together a series of seminars held all over Europe this month to address this knowledge area. "It is a unique opportunity to get a ball dynamics expert and a lane pattern expert in the same room running a seminar," said Brunswick staffer Zara Giles (nee Glover), a multiple World and European champion.

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The Next Revolution rolls into Chicago

20091101TNRJasonBelmonte_small.jpgBowling fans in the Chicago area have seen Australia's two-handed bowling sensation Jason Belmonte (pictured) in action before, but this weekend, they got to see him up close and personal as The Next Revolution, a United States Bowling Congress event, rolled through town Sunday. More than 100 bowlers and fans made it out to Brunswick Zone Hawthorn for the event, which featured two hours of instruction, a question and answer session, autographs and a raffle to benefit The Bowling Foundation, the charitable arm of bowling.



Paeng's dad, coach Angel Nepomuceno, dies at 81

AngelandPaengNepomuceno2_small.jpgAngel "Pappy" Nepomuceno (on the left with Paeng after his fourth victory in the Bowling World Cup) , the winningest coach in Philippine bowling history and father of six-time world champion Paeng, died last Saturday (October 31) due to a lingering illness. He was 81 years old. Under Pappy's coaching, Paeng bagged six world titles in three different decades and 119 other tournament crowns and set three Guinness Book of World Records, which have remained unbroken.

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The Next Revolution kicks off in Detroit

2009WWCCKimTerrellKearney2_small.jpg200910PBAJasonBelmonte_small.jpgThe Next Revolution, a four-city tour created to showcase the two-handed bowling style of Australian sensation Jason Belmonte (l.), kicked off at Merri-Bowl Lanes on Saturday as he and Team USA member Kim Kearney (r.) entertained a crowd of more than 200 bowlers and fans. The event was designed to give coaches and bowling enthusiasts a closer look at the unique two-handed style that is sweeping the globe. 

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USBC Coaching to begin offering classes on how to coach two-handed bowlers

USBCCoachingLogo.jpgAs two-handed bowling continues to grow in popularity and more bowlers attempt to learn the technique, there will be a greater demand for coaches who are able to help those players hone their skills. After extensive research of the unique style, the coaches at the United States Bowling Congress are ready to teach other coaches how to address and service the needs of two-handed bowlers. In the coming weeks, USBC Coaching will run three classes in different regions of the country to help accomplish this goal.

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Gold Level Coach Yokobosky wins his first PBA Regional title By Joan Taylor

USBCGoldCoachKenYokobosky_small.jpgThe word "leisure" conjures up thoughts of relaxation in a stress-free environment. To Kenny Yokobosky, Fredon, it means something entirely different. "I won my first Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT) tournament at Leisure Lanes in Fairfield when I was about 16 years old. And now (at age 43), I just won my first Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Regional tournament at Leisure Lanes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!" It was a long time coming, and you would think that this Gold Level Certified coach would have easily won many regional titles by now.



Two-handed bowler Jason Belmonte takes his show on the road

TheNextRevolutionJasonBelmonte_small.jpgAustralia's Jason Belmonte has gained worldwide notoriety for his revolutionary two-handed bowling style, and now, the 26-year-old will be showcasing his skills in four cities across the United States as part of 'The Next Revolution', a United States Bowling Congress program. The Next Revolution was created to give coaches and bowling fans a closer look at the unique two-handed style that is sweeping the globe, while also giving participants a chance to revolutionize their own games with help from some of the sport's biggest stars.

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