Kegel will find out who is the "Best in the World"


    2003 WRM-IFGC

    World Ranking Masters and Int'l Foundation Games Championship

    John_Davis_2241.jpg Is it a dream come true? To those who love this sport a scenario like what's about to happen has always been just a pie in the sky dream. This is a tournament where the world's best amateur and professional bowlers, both men and women, compete on the perfect bowling environment in a format that guarantees absolute fairness like never before.

    Kegel president John Davis (pictured), working with Len Nicholson and the Foundation, have put together an event that the world could only dream about...until now!

    Introducing the 3rd World Ranking Masters followed by the International Foundation Games Championship!

    The Place: Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Florida USA

    This brand new facility was designed by John Davis to be the ultimate controlled environment. It is the perfect bowling center for the true sport. The facility boasts of several features NEVER BEFORE done in the bowling world.

    All 12 lanes are adjustable. Yes, adjustable. They are adjustable in 5 places across the lane, every 2 feet down the lane, including the pin deck. Each lane has 160 adjusting points. This is the first facility where every lane has the exact same topography, down to a thousandth-of-an-inch or closer. Each lane is the ideal competitive shape with regards to crowns/depressions and crosswise/lengthwise tilt.

    Also, each lane is equipped with the latest C.A.T.S.® (computer aided tracking system) program, originally designed by ABC/WIBC Equipment Specifications. You will be able to see the exact ball location, RPMs, angles, and speed of every shot thrown. If you are one of the lucky few spectators, you can watch this all from the "skybox" outside John's office. C.A.T.S. is a registered trademark of WIBC.

    The Formats

    Two different multi-condition formats will be used in the WRM and the IFGC. Each player will bowl on distinctly different patterns an equal amount of games. This format, which has been proven through the previous 5 prototypes and 16 Foundation Games, will remove the advantage of "matching up" to a specific lane condition.

    The lane conditioner that will be used is vastly superior to anything ever before...the break point doesn't move. This is a format where the lane condition and the breakdown of the lane conditioner by bowlers is vastly changed! It will incredibly reduce guesswork.

    Also, this break-through will almost eliminate the unfairness of what bowlers you follow. We are getting much closer to the perfect bowling tournament...on lanes that have the tightest specifications in the World.

    3rd World Ranking Masters

    Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, FL, USA (July 19-23, 2003)

    The top 8 men and top 8 women from the 2002 rankings of each WTBA (World Tenpin Bowling Association) Zone - Asian, European and American - will come together to battle for the esteemed title of the world's number 1 ranked amateur bowler. This is only the 3rd tournament of its kind and it is the first time that it will be held inside the United States. The previous WRM were held in Abu Dahbi, UAE (2001) and Aalborg, Denmark, 2002. 22 countries are supposed be represented in this tournament.

     Gery Verbruggen (Belgium) and Jennifer Tan (Singapore) are the defending champions.

    Scroll down this page for the complete list of qualifiers.

    The International Foundation Games Championship

    Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, FL, USA (July 24-27, 2003)

    The International Foundation Games Championship includes the best of the best. National heroes from places like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany and Denmark compete with the superstars of the PBA and PWBA. The world has never seen the best bowlers from every organization compete in the same tournament for the prize of knowing who really is the BEST IN THE WORLD! The $35,000 prize fund is just the cherry on top.

    This tournament is invitational only.

    The list of participants includes:
    - Top ranked man and woman from each WTBA Zone
    - 16 Foundation Games medallists (3 each)
    - Bowling Writers Association of America (BWAA) Bowlers of the Year
    - Bowler of the Year for PBA and PWBA
    - BJI Amateurs of the Year
    - WBW International Bowlers of the Year
    and last but not least ......
    Bowlingdigital's International Player of the Year.