Tan wins second consecutive title for Singapore in women's World Ranking Masters final


    2002 WRM

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (May 26-30, 2002)

    2002WRMTop2WomenJenniferTanJesmineHo.jpg In an all-Singaporean clash, Jennifer Tan (left) denied team mate Jesmine Ho's (r.) bid for back-to-back World Ranking Masters titles when she defeated the defending champion two-games-to-none (205-172, 223-200).

    21-year-old Tan, who made the cut to top 8 thanks to a 252-score in the final game, earned the prestigious title and the first place check worth $8,000.

    Ho had to settle for second place worth $5,000.

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    2002 World Ranking Masters - Women's Championship Match

    Jennifer Tan, Singapore, def. Jesmine Ho, Singapore, 2-0
    (172-205, 200-223)

    2002WRMJesmineHo2.jpg 36-year-old Jesmine Ho (left) started the first match with a strike then suffered back-to-back open frames when she failed to convert the 1-2-4 combination and a 4-6 split. After a strike in frame four she missed a 7-pin spare in the fifth. Leading by 41 pins, Jennifer Tan bowled a clean game to handily win the first game, 205-172.

    2002WRMJenniferTan2.jpg Tan (right), who considers Ho as Singapore's No. 1 bowler, carried the momentum into the second game as she strung together four consecutive strikes in frames two through five.

    Ho struck in frames one and five and converted single-pin spares in the three other frames to trail by 23 pins. After an open frame in the sixth, Ho needed to strike out to put any pressure on her teammate.

    Ho finished the game with a double, spare and another double for a 200. Tan got up in the tenth needing a nine-count on her first ball. She got a double and a 9-count on the fill ball before celebrating her victory.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Women's Semi-finals

    Semi-final Match #1:
    Jesmine Ho, Singapore, def. Clara Juliana Guerrero, Columbia, 2-0
    (168-154, 227-210)
    Both players opened three times in the first game but defending champion Ho managed to double in frames one and two. Guerrero (photo) bowled a solid 210 game in the second, but still not good enough to beat Jesmine Ho. The defending champions is vying for back-to-back titles.

    Semi-final Match #2:
    Jennifer Tan, Singapore, def. Diandra Hyman, United States, 2-0
    (191-175, 236-193)
    In a symphony of errors, the spinner from Singapore used a double and a turkey to win the first game. Both players improved in the second game but it was Tan, who got more strikes to meet her teammate Ho in the final. Hyman (photo) had to settle for third place.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Women's Quarterfinals

    Quarterfinal Match #1:
    Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia, def. Tseng Su Feng, Chinese Taipei, 2-0
    (214-213, 232-214)
    Guerrero needed to strike out to win the first game against Su-Fen. And that was exactly what she did. The Colombian remained cool and took the match away in two straight sets.

    Quarterfinal Match #2:
    Jennifer Tan, Singapore, def. Tanya Petty, Germany, 2-1
    (196-159, 158-176, 215-213)
    Tan, a spinner like her teammate Jesmine Ho, won the first game, lost the next and beat Petty (photo) by two pins in the deciding game. Tan needed three strikes in the tenth frame to shut out the German. She got exactly that.

    Quarterfinal Match #3:
    Jesmine Ho, Singapore, def. Iben Tchu, Denmark, 2-1
    (195-222, 191-176, 185-175)
    The defending champion from Singapore rallied from a 0-1 deficit and defeated Tchu (photo), the last Dane in the field, in the deciding game.

    Quarterfinal Match #4:
    Diandra Hyman, United States, def. Kirsten Penny, England, 2-1
    (147-224, 236-183, 187-180)
    Penny, who won four gold medals in the Euroepan Championships in Lovvang Bowling Center last year, easily won the first game, but the American found something in her second game to come back into the match. The third game was decided in the final frame. Hyman, finishing first, spared for 187. Penny got up needing a mark to win. She left the 3-6-9-10 combination and chopped off only the 3 and 6 in her spare attempt to hand the match to the American.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Women's Final Standings

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (May 26-30, 2002)

    1. Jennifer Tan, Singapore
    2. Jesmine Ho, Singapore
    3. Clara Juliana Guerrero, Columbia
    4. Diandra Hyman, USA
    5. Tseng Su Feng, Chinese Taipei
    6. Tanya Petty, Germany
    7. Kirsten Penny, England
    8. Iben Tchu, Denmark
    9. Lisa Del Rosario, Philippines
    10. Cecilia Yap, Philippines
    11. Andrea Mirschel, Germany
    12. Bettina Lund, Denmark
    13. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia
    14. Wendy Chai, Malaysia
    15. Martina Beckel, Germany
    16. Sofia Granda, Guatemala
    17. Linda Haglund, Sweden
    18. Inngellimar Delany, Venezuela
    19. Cristina Kortright, Puerto Rico
    20. Karen Marcano, Venezuela
    21. Michelle Ayala, Puerto Rico
    22. Lai Kin Ngoh, Malaysia
    23. Piritta Kantola, Finland
    24. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic

    2002WRMTeamSIN.jpg Pictured here is the successful Team Singapore.

    L-R Head coach Göran Bergendorff, women's champion Jennifer Tan, team manager Jimmy Kwan, women's runner-up Jesmine Ho and men's fifth-place finisher Remy Ong.