Verbruggen takes revenge and beats Öhman to win men's World Ranking Masters


    2002 WRM

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (May 26-30, 2002)

    2002WRMTop2MenGeryVerbruggenAndersOhman.jpg Belgium's Gery Verbruggen (left) defeated Anders Öhman (right) of Sweden in two straight sets 247-234 and 221-217 to win the men's World Ranking Masters and the $8,000 first prize.

    Öhman, who had defeated Verbruggen in the European Championship masters finale last year here in Aalborg, walked away with $5,000.

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    2002 World Ranking Masters - Men's Championship Match

    Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, defeated Anders Öhman, Sweden, 2-0
    (247-234, 221-217)

    2002WRMAndersOhman.jpg The first match began evenly with each opponent scoring a strike in the first frame. Anders Öhman (left) spared in the second and struck in the third and fourth frame.

    2002WRMGeryVerbruggen.jpg Gery Verbruggen (right) opened in the second frame but rebounded by striking on each shot through frame nine. Öhman spared in frames five through seven, then strung together four strikes in a row and a 9-count for 234. Verbruggen got up needing nine pins on his first ball to win. He got the nine, spared and finished with a strike for 247.

    Öhman bowled another clean game in the second, alternating spares and strikes before he fired three consecutive strike in frames seven through nine for a slim 7-pin lead. Verbruggen had two doubles in frames one and two and five and six but was unable to convert the 4-6-10 split in the third. Working on a strike, Verbruggen, who finished first, put together two more strikes to force Öhman to strike on his first ball in the tenth. A nine-count sealed Öhman's fate.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Men's Semi-finals

    Semi-final Match #1:
    Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, def. Mika Luoto, Finland, 2-1
    (151-188, 222-164, 191-190)
    Luoto, who has won four gold medals in this center last year during the European Championships alternated open frames and double strikes to win the first game as Verbruggen left two splits and failed to convert the 7-pin spare twice. The Belgium came back into the match with an easy win in game two. The deciding match was close until the final frame. Verbruggen needed 20 pins in his tenth frame to win by one pin. He spared an 8-pin and then burried his fill ball in the pocket for a strike.

    Semi-final Match #2:
    Anders Öhman, Sweden, def. Saeed Al-Hajri, Qatar, 2-0
    (215-193, 200-165)
    Öhman had a quick start into the match throwing five strikes in the first six frames. Al-Hajri (photo) rebounded with three consecutive strikes but couldn't put any pressure on the Swede, whose career highlight came in this bowling center last year with a victory over Gery Verbruggen in the European Championships masters finale. No chance for the Qatari in game two. The Swede made quick work and advanced to the final.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Men's Quarterfinals

    Quarterfinal Match #1:
    Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, def. Remy Ong, Singapore, 2-1
    (189-242, 209-178, 267-213)
    European rankings leader Verbruggen came back from a 0-1 deficit to win the match against the World Ranking Masters top seeded player Ong in the decisive match. Verbruggen used a turkey and a six-bagger to take the match away well before the final frame.

    Quarterfinal Match #2:
    Anders Öhman, Sweden, def. Tony Manna Jr., United States, 2-0
    (187-174, 181-154)
    In the first match, Manna left a wash-out on his first ball in the tenth frame which he was unable to convert. The European masters champion from Sweden swept the American, 2-0.

    Quarterfinal Match #3:
    Mika Luoto, Finland, def. Daniel Falconi, Mexico, 2-0
    (180-180, 49-39 in roll-off, 236-156)
    After a 180-180 tie, Luoto threw a double to win the two-frame roll-off and the first game, 49-39. The Finn used the momentum to take the match away in the second game. Falconi was chanceless.

    Quarterfinal Match #4:
    Saeed Al-Hajri, Qatar, def. Tseng Sheng Hsien, 2-1
    (232-258, 221-182, 210-196)
    Both players had a six-bagger during the first game, but Al-Hajri's open frame in the first made the difference. The Qatari rebounded with another big score to reach the decisive game. Here, Al-Hajri showed why Qatar has become the leading bowling nation in Arabia and the gulf region. In a close match, the Qatari struck out from the ninth frame to shut out equally tough spinner Tseng Sheng Hsien.

    2002 World Ranking Masters - Men's Final Standings

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (May 26-30, 2002)

    1. Gery Verbruggen, Belgium
    2. Anders Öhman, Sweden
    3. Saeed Al-Hajri, Qatar
    4. Mika Luoto, Finland
    5. Remy Ong, Singapore
    6. Daniel Falconi, Mexico
    7. Tseng Sheng Hsien, Chinese Taipei
    8. Tony Manna Jr., USA
    9. Petri Mannonen, Finland
    10. Ben Heng, Malaysia
    11. Wu Siu Hong, Hong Kong
    12. Chester King, Philippines
    13. Peter Ahlen, Sweden
    14. Frankie Colon Jr., Puerto Rico
    15. Bandar Al-Shafi, Qatar
    16. David Romero, Columbia
    17. Jose V. Lander, Venezuela
    18. Alejandro Cruz, Mexico
    19. Ahmed Shaheen, Qatar
    20. Andrés Gomez, Columbia
    21. Michael Bai, Denmark
    22. Patrick Backe, Sweden
    23. Rolando A. Sebelen, Dominican Republic
    24. Toni Laine, Finland
    25. Tore Torgersen, Norway