Lagrange pulls away in women's division of Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters


    2007 WRM

    Diandra Asbaty (l.) from the United States and Caroline Lagrange from Canada battled it out for the victory in the second squad on short oil and the $1,000 bonus on Day Two qualifying at the Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters.

    Lagrange, who won the $1,000 on long oil yesterday, was 39 pins behind Asbaty before the final game and closed out her set with a huge 267.

    Asbaty started with strike, spare, spare then went off the sheet to counter with 268 en route to win the squad with 1901 8-game total and an average of 237.63. After winning yesterday, Lagrange added a second-place finish to her credits with 1861 to widen her overall lead to 192 pins.

    2007WRMCarolineLagrange.jpg The 22-year-old Canadian (pictured right), who won the silver medal in All Events at the 2006 World Youth Championships in Berlin, has a 3746 pinfall total, an average of 234.13 for sixteen games.

    2007WRMZaraGlover_small.jpg Zara Glover, left, England, remained in second place behind a 1695 series today with 3554. Starting the day in 16th place was Asbaty, who leapfrogged into third place with 3538.

    Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, and Asian ranking champion Putty Armein, Indonesia, maintained the fourth and fifth position with 3480 and 3443.

    2007WRMHelenJohnsson_small.jpg 2007WRMAliciaMarcano_small.jpg Helen Johnsson rolled the third-highest 1795 series on the short oil condition (34 feet compared to 44 feet yesterday) to jump from 18th to sixth place with 3428. Rounding out the top 8 are Alicia Marcano (right), Venezuela, with 3419 and 2005 WRM runner-up Wendy Chai (below left), Malaysia, with 3409.

    2007WRMChoyPohLai_small.jpg 2007WRMWendyChai_small.jpg Chai's teammate, Choy Poh Lai (right), who was in third position after the first block slipped all the way out of the top 8 to 12th place behind a sub-par 1563 performance.

    The women are done for today and will return on Sunday morning for the third and final block on dual lane condition (one lane with short oil and one lane with long oil) after which the top eight will advance to single-elimination best-of-three games match play.

    Women's Division - Standings after the Second Block

    Women's Division - Block Two Results