Asbaty becomes first player to win second Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters title


    2007 WRM

    Kegel Training and Tournament Center in Lake Wales, Fla. (May 3-7, 2007)

    2007WRMZaraGlover.jpg 2007WRMDiandraAsbaty.jpg Diandra Asbaty (left) from the host country United States, defeated Zara Glover from England, two-games-to-none in the women's finals of  the Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters.

    The 2004 WRM champion became the first two-time winner in the history of the championships. Asbaty earned $10,000 for the victory. Glover received $5,000 for second.

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    Pictures from the TV Final

    2007 Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters

    Kegel Training and Tournament Center in Lake Wales, Fla. (May 3-7, 2007)

    #2 Diandra Asbaty, United States def. #4 Zara Glover, England, 2-0

     Game 1 (long oil): Asbaty def. Glover, 233-148.
    #2 Diandra Asbaty, United States 9/ X X 9/ 8/ X X X X 6/ X
    #4 Zara Glover, England 81 X X 81 X 72 X 9/ 72 9-

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     Game 2 (short oil): Asbaty def. Glover, 235-220
    #4 Zara Glover, England X X 72 X X X X 7/ 9/ 9/X
    #2 Diandra Asbaty, United States 8/ 9/ X X 7/ X X X X 9/X

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    Glover and Asbaty advance to the women's finals at Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters

    2007WRMGloverAsbaty.jpg Two World Champions from 2003, Zara Glover (left) from England and Diandra Asbaty (right) from the host country United States, advanced to the women's finals at Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters at the Kegel Training and Tournament Center in Lake Wales, Fla.

    Glover, who won the titles in Singles, Doubles and All Events in Malaysia, defeated Aumi Guerra from the Dominican Republic in two straight games, 226-183 and 233-201 for a 2-0 victory in the best-of-three games format.

    Asbaty lost her first game against Alicia Marcano from Venezuela, who sidelined tournament leader Caroline Lagrange, Canada, in the quarterfinals. Marcano rolled another high score to beat the 9-time Team USA member by by 46 pins, 234-188.

    Asbaty, who serves as USBC spokesperson, tied the match with a 224-177 win in the second and cruised to victory with huge 245-165 in the decider. Monday's final will be mark the first time that the two world champion clash in a title match.

    The men's and women's WRM championship matches will be televised on a tape-delayed basis on SunSports, a Florida-based cable sports channel.

    The women's TV Final in best-of-three games format starts at noon EST.

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    Women's Division - Semi-finals

    Single-elimination, best-of-three games

    Marcano beats Lagrange in women's quarterfinals at Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters

    2007WRMDiandraAsbaty_small.jpg Briefly interrupted by a little thunderstorm at the end of game two, the top eight women showed some high class bowling in in quarterfinals at the Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters in Lake Wales, Fla.

    2007WRMZaraGlover_small.jpg 2004 World Ranking Masters champion Diandra Asbaty (left), United States, posted two big games (267, 234) to beat 2003 runner-up Patricia Schwarz, Germany, 2-0. England's Zara Glover (right) swept upcoming rising Malaysian star Zandra Aziela, 2-0.

    2007WRMAumiGuerra_small.jpg The two other matches went the distance and were decided in the final frame. 2005 runner-up Wendy Chai, Malaysia, led her decider against Aumi Guerra (left), Dominican Republic, until she suffered a 4-6-7-10 in frame #9 … and almost spared it. Chai forced her opponent to mark in the 10th. Guerra left 3-6-10 and spared it from the left to escape with a 226-221 win.

    2007WRMAliciaMarcano_small.jpg The Kegel/USBC World Ranking Masters lost its second top-seed after Osku Palermaa in the men's division when Caroline Lagrange from Canada, fell to Alicia Marcano (right), Venezuela, two-games-to-one. Marcano, who showed a strong finish in the qualifying today, fired a 257 in the first game, but the Canadian rebounded with a 235-213 victory to force a tie-breaker. Marcano started with the front five, but suffered a big split in the sixth and Lagrange took full advantage and reeled off four consecutive strikes (6th-9th frame).

    When the tournament leader failed to shut out the Venezuelan in the 10th frame, Marcano, working on a turkey needed one more strike in the 10th to win and that was exactly what she did, 244-237.

    Women's Division - Quarterfinals

    Single-elimination, best-of-three games