Interviews with coaches and players at the 2007 Men's European Championships


    2007 Men's European Championships

    Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria (June 30 - July 10, 2007)

    Bowlingdigital Banner.gif 2007MECLogo_small.jpg Bowlingdigital in co-operation with Flavio Cuva and Bigi Manico has produced some videocasts with interviews of five national team coaches, Mats Karlsson (Norway), Tomas Leandersson (Sweden), Sami Konsteri (Finland), Christer Backe (Denmark), Eric Courault (France) as well as with players Kai Günther (Germany) and Marco Reviglio (Italy) during the 2007 Men's European Championships at Plus Bowling in Vienna.

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    Mats Karlsson, coach Norway

    Tomas Leandersson, coach Sweden

    Sami Konsteri, coach Finland

    Christer Backe, coach Denmark

    Eric Courault, coach France (in French)

    Kai Günther, player Germany (in German)

    Marco Reviglio, player Italy (in Italian)

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