Swedes dominate Trios preliminaries on short oil at Men's European Championships


    2009 MEC

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (June 4-14, 2009)

    2009MECLogo_small.jpg 2009MECMathiasArupErikAndersinDennisEklund.jpgThe two Swedish teams lead the Trios event in the 2009 Men's European Championships in Aalborg, Denmark, after the first block of three games on the short oil pattern.

    The 55 trios from 29 countries were split into three squads. Swedes Mathias Årup, Erik Andersin and Dennis Eklund (pictured right, l-r) paced the first squad with 1981 pinfall total and an average of 220.11. Eklund led the way with 698, the highest individual 3-game series of the day, and was followed by Årup with 651 and Andersin with 632.

    England with Stuart Williams, Matt Chamberlain and Dominic Barrett were 37 pins behind in second place with 1944 (216.00). Third place belonged to The Netherlands with Remco Verboon, Michael Kok and Johnny Spil, who checked in with 1880 (208.89).

    Squad 2 leader Norway with Petter Hansen, Mads Sandbækken and Tore Torgersen had 1875 (208.33) to move into fourth place with the final Squad 3 to go.

    2009MECMartinPaulssonRobertAnderssonMartinLarsen.jpgThe second Swedish trio featuring Doubles silver medalists Martin Larsen/Robert Andersson and Martin Paulsson (r-l) started the block with a 707 game, the highest of the day, and added 658 in game #2. Needing a 616 game to tie their compatriots for the lead, Larsen (211), Paulsson (191) and Andersson (216) put together a 618 game to overtake the lead by two pins with 1983 (220.33).

    Their compatriots as well as the English, Dutch and Norwegian trios fell one spot to 2nd through 5th place.

    Jesper Agerbo, Frederik Øhrgaard and Thomas Larsen of the host country were second to the Swedes in Squad 3 with 1855 (206.11), good for 6th place in the overall standings.

    The Doubles champions from Finland, Osku Palermaa/Petteri Salonen and Joonas Jähi, landed in 12th place with 1813, just 67 pins off the pace fort the top 4. Salonen had a 674 series to maintain his lead in All Events.

    Their team mates Jussi Turtiainen, Juhani Tonteri and the sole member present of the 2007 MEC Trios champion, Kimmo Lehtonen, were one spot and two pins ahead in 11th place with 1815.

    The 55 trios will return on Wednesday for the second 3-game set on long oil.

    The top 4 trios after the 6-game preliminaries advance to the finals on Wednesday evening (semifinals at 7.30pm, finals at 8.30pm) at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

    The No. 1 after 6 games will bowl the No. 4 seed and the No. 2 takes on No. 3 in the semifinals. The winners will bowl for the title and the losers will share the bronze medal. All matches are one-game matches.


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    High Games and Series on short oil

    1 Game: Sweden, 707 (Martin Larsen, 236/Martin Paulsson, 225/Robert Andersson, 246)
    3 Games: Sweden, 1983 (Martin Larsen, 675/Martin Paulsson, 673/Robert Andersson, 635)

    1 Game: Petteri Salonen, Finalnd, 279
    3 Games: Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 698


    Trios - Standings after the first Block on short oil


    All Events after 15 of 24 games

    The top 24 after 24 games (combined results in Doubles, Trios and Team) will advance to the Masters finals.