Hulst; Sanders win NBF Bowling Tour Finals 2010



    Will represent The Netherlands in 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

    2010BWCNLQPhilHulstNicoleSanders.jpgThe Dutch participants for the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup were determined in the finals of the Dutch Bowling Federation (NBF) Bowling Tour 2010 Sunday Sept. 12 at Dolfijn Bowling in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

    Dutch national team members Phil Hulst and Nicole Sanders (l-r) emerged victorious after 10 games of qualifying and best-of-three games single-elimination finals on challenging lane condition.

    The top 10 men and the top 10 women in the NBF Bowling Tour point rankings after seven national tournaments in the 2009-10 season advanced to the finals. They bowled 10 games of qualifying, five games on short and five games on long oil conditioning pattern to cut to the top 4 who determined the winner in best-of-three games format on dual lane condition (short/long).

    Hulst was the only man who averaged over 200 on short oil (1032, 206.40 avg.) and easily maintained his top spot with a perfect game in his series on long oil. He earned the No. 1 seed with 2063 10-game total and an average of 206.30.

    2010BWCNLQVanBaestJacobsStinissenHulst.jpgMark Jacobs was a distant second with 1983, with 1995 World Champion Geert-Jan van Baest in third (1926) and Michell Stinissen fourth (1923). Michael Di Giorno's 1077 series on long came too late after an 827 on short.

    L-R Geert-Jan van Baest, Mark Jacobs, Michell Stinissen and Phil Hulst.

    The men's semifinal matches were the only matches which went the distance. Hulst eliminated Stinissen, 193-177, in the decider, while Van Baest ousted Jacobs in a high-scoring encounter, 257-242.

    Hulst saved his best for last and rolled two 200-plus games in the final (231-156 and 204-178) to easily beat Van Baest en route to win the NBF Bowling Tour men's finals 2010.

    2010BWCNLQHaandrikmanKokSandersBos.jpgOn the women's side, Wendy Kok led the field on short oil with 1037 and maintained her lead with a 990 set on long and 2027 10-game total and an average of 202.70. Sanders, who was on short after a 937 series, earned the No. 2 seed thanks to the field-best 1009 series on long and 1946 total pinfall.

    Carmen Haandrikman and Mariska van den Bos were third and fourth with 1927 and 1899, respectively.

    L-R Carmen Haandrikman, Wendy Kok, Nicole Sanders and Mariska van den Bos.

    All women matches were decided in two games. Kok rolled games of 209 and 203 to easily sweep Van den Bos, while Sanders used games of 189 and 202 to fly past Haandrikman.

    The women's title match was closer than the men's but Sanders won the first two games by 12 and 11 pins, respectively, to cruise to victory, 2-0.

    For both winners it marks the first time in their careers that they will participate in the Bowling World Cup. The 46th annual edition of the prestigious QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held from Oct. 15-24, 2010 at Bowling de Provence in Toulon, France.


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    NBF Bowling Tour 2010 - Men's Finals

    Single-elimination, best of three-games

    Semifinal 1: #1 Phil Hulst def. #4 Michell Stinissen, 2-1 (149-204, 213-210, 193-177)
    Semifinal 2: #3 Geert-Jan van Baest def. #2 Mark Jacobs, 2-1 (228-203, 163-181, 257-242)
    Championship: #1 Phil Hulst def. #3 Geert-Jan van Baest, 2-0 (231-156, 204-178).


    NBF Bowling Tour 2010 - Women's Finals

    Single-elimination, best of three-games

    Semifinal 1: #1 Wendy Kok def. #4 Mariska van den Bos, 2-0 (209-147, 203-164)
    Semifinal 2: #2 Nicole Sanders def. #3 Carmen Haandrikman, 2-0 (189-149, 202-169)
    Championship: #2 Nicole Sanders def. #1 Wendy Kok, 2-0 (187-175, 189-178).


    Men's Qualifying after 10 games

    The top 4 advance to the single-elimination finals


    Women's Qualifying after 10 games

    The top 4 advance to the single-elimination finals


    Men's Qualifying after 5 games on short oil


    Women's Qualifying after 5 games on short oil