Helen Johnsson wins high-scoring Masters final against Britt Brøndsted in the Women's European Championships


    2006 WEC

    Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (Aug 24 - Sep 3, 2006)

    2006WECMastersTop4.jpg 29-year-old Helen Johnsson from Sweden won the European Masters final against Britt Brøndsted, Denmark, two-games-to-one, despite taking a dive in the ninth frame of the final frame. Choosing to play on short oil first, Johnsson defeated the Europe's No. 1, 268-214 in the first game, leaving only a single pin the 5th frame and in the 11th.

    Brøndsted came back to take the second 221-204 on long oil. However in front of the TV cameras the third and final game was to cause many surprises. The shoot-out began mildly with two spares from Brøndsted and two strikes from Johnsson.

    The next three frames were all strikes, but while Brøndsted alternated spares and strikes, Johnsson was still perfect through to the ninth frame - which is when the changeable heal on her bowling shoe came loose and Helen took an undignified dive flat across the foul lane.

    This left the possibility of a perfect game on camera in tatters, plus a bruised elbow and more importantly still a chance to lose the match. However, after a small delay, Johnsson spared the frame to great applause, enough to ensure a win 248-226.

    The picture shows the four medalists, from the left Brøndsted, Johnsson, Minna Mäkelä, Finland and Priscilla Maaswinkel, Netherlands, who shared the bronze medal.

    Picture and report courtesy of Eric Hayton, editor of Go Tenpin Magazine.


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